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Zorbak is a character in AdventureQuest Worlds.


Zorbak is a "100% Ebil Moglin" who is often at odds with Twilly.

During the threat of Vordred, Zorbak told them what he knows about Vordred and directed them to the Tower of Necromancy as their first stop to the Necropolis.

Zorbak later persuaded Memet to let him handle the Nightmare Realm for a week. Zorbak abused this power and trapped Memet in the cages of GeneTech's lab of the player's nightmare where Memet was trapped in her true form that was originally listed as an "Escaped Experiment." After Memet regressed back to normal, the players faced off against Zorbak in his Nightmare Zorbak form while Memet assumed the form of an asteroid. When Nightmare Zorbak is defeated and regresses back to normal form, the players tell Memet that they have a cage for him in Battleon.



Zomboda is Zorbak's alias outside Zorbak's house in the swamps near the Chopping Maul where he holds a zombie Moglin mask over his face. While the players state that Zomboda is Zorbak, Zomboda denies any knowledge of Zorbak.

NOTE: This alias is a parody of Yoda.

Mr. Z

Mr. Z is Zorbak's alias while working at EbilCorp as it's CEO alongside Chairman Platinum.

During EbilCorp's takeover of Battleon as part of "Operation Gameocide," Mr. Z provided the players with some EbilCorp gear to help them blend in.

At the time when EbilCorp was doing a Black Friday sale where they were selling eWatches and ePhones, anyone who bought them were turned into Hypnotized Shoppers and those who worked on Black Friday were enslaved to work for EbilCorp with no break. When the players and Twilly suspect Chairman Platinum for being behind this, they are approached by Chairman Platinum. He tells them that Mr. Z felt that EbilCorp wasn't living up to his name and had Chairman Platinum voted off EbilCorp's board of directors. This leads the players into fighting the BOGOdrones, Deal Bot 2.0, and Executive Assistant Vordred. Following the defeat of Mr. Z and his BOGOdrone Prime, the players and Twilly left Mr. Z at the mercy of Yulgar and the liberated shoppers.

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