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Description: Zhoom is a Bounty Hunter/Ranger that lives in the Sandseas. Zhoom's mother was a Sand Elf and as a result his ears are pointed. Zhoom takes pride in his skills as a bounty hunter, but he is also a ranger. Acording to him, it one of the most rewarding fields in existance. Zhoom is completely dedicated to being a ranger... but he's even more dedicated to money!


Zhoom's childhood was not a pleasant one. His mother was killed by minions of Sek-Duat XIV when he purged the Sandsea of all Sand Elves. This forced to live on his own. It is unknown what happened to his father. Zhoom left the Sandsea, but returned when Sek Duat XV heard of his skills and hired him to hunt down members of the resistance. Zhoom accepted the job only for the gold.

When Zhoom was enlisted under Sek-Duat XV was assigned to hunt down rebels. Now Sek-Duat XV's reign over the Sandsea was so cruel killing many people. As a result of this a portion of the desert people had revolted against Sek-Duat XV's to end his over his power.

After being on the job he is sent by Sek-Duat XV to kill the DragonFable hero. When he confronts him he discovers that they were being set up. Later they and the rebels defeated Sek-Duat XV's and rid the Sandsea of most of Sek-Duat XV's power.

Zhoom later helps the players in their fight against Zahart and Tibicenas. When it came to obtaining a Djinn from the Cave of Wanders, he had the player collect dream dust to fool Sek-Duat. When Zhoom destroyed Zahart's ring that contains Tibicenas, Zahart ends up under Tibicenas' control as he heads to the Djinn World to take revenge on the Efreet. After Tibicenas is defeated, Zahart no longer in power, and Sek-Duat lost in the Cave of Wanders, the players make Zhoom the new ruler of the Sandsea.

AdventureQuest Worlds: Zombies

In the alternate timeline caused by Drakath, Zhoom has become infected by the zombies transforming him into Zombie Zhoom after Sepulchure destroyed Death which resulted in the recently deceased to return to life as Zombies that obey Sepulchure's every command. Zombie Zhoom lead the Zombies and Zombie Knights to attack Willow Creek.

Job at Artix Entertainment

He is one of the main programmers in the games.


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  • "I am Zhoom, the Ranger. I was resting overnight here in the Inn, and there was a break in. Some Zardmen broke in and stole the chest containing the only map showing the safe pathways back to the Sandsea Desert!"
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