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Zahart is a hedge-mage partnered with Tibicenas, the eighth of the 13 Lords of Chaos.



A hedge-mage hailing from the Sandsea, Zahart wanted to become the ruler of the desert. He spent his life conning people for gold until he managed to get his hands on a chaorrupted magic ring that would allow him to summon and give commands to his chaorrupted Djinn Tibicenas. To rule the Sandsea, all he had to do was find and awaken its Chaos Beast the Chaos Sphinx, and he knew just how to do that....he gave commands to Tibicenas to unleash an unnatural sandstorm that revealed that the oasis community of the Sandsea was just part of a much larger town once devoured by the sands and forgotten by the people.

Zahart and Tibicenas are followed by an army of Tomb Robbers, Sandsharks, Horc Sell-Swords, War Hyenas, and War Mummies in their search for the Sphinx at the heart of the Sandsea's Sand Castle.

After defeating a group of Horc Sell-Swords, the players questioned Zahart on the source of the sandstorm that uncovered the different parts of the much larger community of the Sandsea. Zahart revealed that the sandstorm was caused by Tibicenas and afterwards summoned him and ordered him to attempt to kill the players. Suddenly however, he was ambushed by Zhoom. Zhoom threatened to slay him with one more arrow unless he commanded Tibicenas to release them....which he did. Zhoom knew that Zahart had to be searching for something and he told him that he would see what it was in time. Afterwards, he and Tibicenas teleported somewhere else to continue their search for the Chaos Beast, leaving Zhoom and the players to track down the immortal mummy, Sek-Duat: God-King of the Sandsea. Zhoom suspects that Sek-Duat knows that the only way to defeat Tibicenas was with another Djinn located in the Cave of Wanders.

Upon a slave uncovering the Heart of the Sphinx, Zahart uses it to awaken the Chaos Sphinx as a way to pay off his debt to Drakath while Tibicenas disposes of the slave. After the players defeat the Chaos Sphinx, Tibicenas offers to repair the Chaos Sphinx for him only for Zahart to arrange for his retreat. When Tibicenas conjures a portal, Zhoom destroys the ring causing Tibicenas to grab Zahart stating that Drakath had told him that he had to wait for the ring to be destroyed for Tibicenas to be free. Tibicenas then mind-controls Zahart in order to go to the Djinn World.

With his new slave Zahart following him, Tibicenas went to face off against the Efreet only for him to command Saahir to dispose of him. Tibicenas disposed of Saahir by entrapping him inside an energy orb and smashing it to pieces, but on the players' wishes the Efreet stripped Tibicenas of all of his Djinn powers. Without his Djinn powers, Tibicenas was later defeated by the players and exploded freeing Zahart from his control. With Tibicenas gone, Zahart was back to the weak, harmless hedge-mage he once was as the Efreet granted the players' second wish to be transported back home. The Efreet teleported the players, Zhoom, and the now-harmless Zahart back to the Sandsea Oasis where the players crowned Zhoom the new king of the Sandsea.


  • His ring is a reference to the Ring of Solomon, which is a magical ring in both Medieval Jewish and Islamic legends. Both rings have the ability to summon and command genies.
  • He is a reference to the classic Disney villain Jafar from the films "Aladdin" and "The Return of Jafar" as both command genies, are mages, and want to rule their respective locations. Not only that, but since he made a living by conning others out of their money until he received his ring, he is also a reference to Abis Mal from "The Return of Jafar" and the Aladdin TV series.