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Xing and Xang's new look the white one is from the mirror realm

Xing and Xang are the 2nd Lord(s) of Chaos.


The 2nd Chaos Lord are the Twins, who, when un-chaotic, one is pure evil and one is pure good, making well-balanced arguments to solve a important person's moral crossroad. When Xang was corrupted, she and Xing became the 2nd Lords of Chaos. They recommended that Drakath send two meteors to Battleon. When the magic users gathered for this meeting and decided to move Battleon to Greenguard, Xing and Xang advise that Drakath would speed up the meteors.

The two were also seen enticing Maximillian Lionfang and Nythera to their side. While the players and the Guwio Villagers were rebuilding the village after Nythera was freed from her Chaorruption, Xing and Xang appeared to check out the portal to the Void unnoticed by the others and became very interested in the portal.

During an eclipse in Bloodtusk Ravine, the players managed to use a special mirror as part of a ritual to communicate with Xing and Xang. Besides telling the players about how Drakath Chaorrupted them, they tell the players on how Drakath opened a portal to the Mirror Realm and switched their evil Xang with this world's good Xang. When asked by the players on which of the Trolls or Horcs will be the 9th Lord of Chaos, the twins reveal that both sides will try to eliminate the other in order to get the power of Chaos which will incite a civil war that would destroy both sides leading up to who will be chosen as the 9th Lord of Chaos even though Drakath has someone in mind. When the eclipse ends, the mirror used to communicate with the Twins disappears as the Twins state that they will see the players again. The players then vow to find a way to make the Horcs and Trolls listen to the fact that the Twins are manipulating them.

Back at Drakath's lair, Xing and Xang suspect that the players will fail in preventing a war from breaking out as the players fight Chaotic Chinchilizards, Chaotic Horcboars, Chaotic Koalions, Chaotic Lemurphants, Chaotic Rhisons, Chaos Tigriffs, and Chaotic Vultures. After the players helped the Trolls best the Chaotic Troll, Druuz brings the Chaotic Troll back to the Trolls and he is identified to by Antiphuus. The Trolls still blame the Horcs for the Chaorruption and aren't pleased with the player on what happened to one of their own.

When King Alteon's warrior General Cynari and Gravelyn's warrior General Tibias are sent to keep the Horcs and Trolls from breaking out into war after the player fails to convince both sides that none of them are responsible, the players head to the ruins in order to find clues on who the 9th Lord of Chaos might be. Xing and Xang later view the Trolls' side where Antiphuus' siblings mourn his death. Xing and Xang know that King Alteon and Gravelyn sent their warriors to Bloodtusk Ravine and states how the 9th Lord of Chaos is watching and waiting for the next phase of their plan. Drakath contacts the Twins telling them to bring the Chosen One to him.

When Drakath hands his Chosen One the Accord of Black Sun, Xing and Xang manipulate General Cynari, General Tibias, the Trolls, and Horcs into fighting each other. The players are unable to get through to Cynari and Tibias causing them to help the Trolls and Horcs fight Cynari and Tibias upon them turning against the players. When the players obtain specific documents, they end up fighting Chaorrupted Good Soldiers, Chaorrupted Good Lieutenants, Chaorrupted Evil Soldiers, Chaorrupted Evil Lieutenants, and Chaorrupted versions of General Cynari and General Tibias. Once the Chaorrupted General Cynari and General Tibias are defeated and the players try to get the Trolls and Horcs together, the player gets the idea on who the 9th Lord of Chaos might be.

When it is discovered that Xing and Xang had recruited Krellenos as Drakath's 9th Lord of Chaos and Chaorrupted some of the Trolls and Horcs to his side, the Troll Elder Sokrakiis and the Orc Chieftain Kagg call the players for help.

When General Cynari and General Tibias plan to lead their armies to their homeland, Xing and Xang appear and Chaorrupt the soldiers on both sides. They give General Cynari and General Tibias to Krellenos to be his prisoners as he Unchaorrupts the Arashite Ore and transforms a Serpentress into the Gruaige Baas.

Xing and Xang later cause disruption in the Cornycopia Feast. In Swordhaven, Xing and Xang end up causing Hungry Knights and the Hungry Knight Captain disrupt King Alteon's feast. The players managed to defeat them and they are remanded to the dungeon until a cure for their Chaorruption is found. At Ye Olde Momma's House, Yulgar and Aria invite the players to have a feast with them and Yulgar's mom until she goes missing thanks to Xing and Xang and end up fighting Wolves, Spiders, Wereboars, and Bandits. When they find Yulgar's mom, they discover that she has been Chaorrupted into Grumpy Granny. After besting Grumpy Granny, Yulgar and Aria arrive as Grams tries to fight the Chaorruption. At Artix' home, his parents are affected as the farm is infested by Chaorrupted Poultygeists. After containing the Zombehs in a boarded up house, the players vow to find a cure for their Chaorruption.

Following the demise of Desoloth, Xing and Xang find the sphere storing Desoloth's carcass and leave upon Drakath arriving.

Xing and Xang are with Drakath as he states to them that his ally Pettivox will use the Chaos Gem to flood the flows of magic with Chaos. After Pettivox was defeated by the players, Drakath tells Xing and Xang that Pettivox will be dealt with. He also tells Xing and Xang to prepare for a journey.

Drakath orders Xing and Xang to have the Time Golems created by Iadoa choose their loyalty. After the players bested Chaorrupted Orb, it is shown that some of the Time Golems have given in to Xing and Xang's demands. When the players find Lucretia in a paranoid state, she retaliates only for Xing and Xang to interfere and Xang moves Lucretia to another location. Upon Xang returning, the players learn from Xing and Xang that Drakath wants the players to learn their destiny and that "failure is not an option" for Drakath. After Xing and Xang leave, the Time Golem Warlic and the remaining Time Golems not affected by Chaos agree to help the players in their next lesson.

Xing and Xang arrive at the Time Library and tell Iadoa that he was chosen to teach the players and to make with the teaching. Iadoa states that Drakath will have his Chaos Beast and that when he fights the players, only one of them will walk away. Xing and Xang give Iadoa a gift which ends up being a fish. Iadoa tells Xing and Xang to leave as he has to prepare for his confrontation with the players. After the players defeated the third Proto-Chaos Beast Dragonoid, Xing and Xang put their plan into motion.

Xing goes to where Kathool is and hopes that the players defeat Kathool. Xang watches Iadoa discussing with Time Golem Warlic about the awakening of Kathool and his upcoming fight with the players. After the players defeated Iadoa, Lucretia tries to attack Iadoa just as Xing and Xang arrive. Iadoa sends Lucretia away as the players throw their hourglass at Iadoa.

Drakath later sends Xing and Xang to find the object that would eliminate the players from the Multiverse. When the players alongside the Mirror Realm's versions of Drakath and Gravelyn find a strange dragon egg in a nearby monolith in Brightfall, Xing and Xang end up stealing it. They give it to King Alteon the Imbalanced and after he tries to destroy it takes it back. Xing is replaced with Mirror Xing after Mirror Drakath swaps them. Xang ends up throwing the celestial dragon egg through a chaos rift to Drakath. Drakath makes a deal with Mirror Drakath trading the egg to the mirror realm for his evil Xing and Xang back. Xing and Xang worry that they have failed him but Drakath says thing are going perfectly. He then proceeds to say that he will make Xing and Xang true Chaos Lords and that it is time to unlock their chaos beast.

Xing and Xang are present when Drakath unleashes his creatures all over Lore causing the players to end up fighting each one. After besting the High Chaos Knight, Xing and Xang appear where they congratulate the players for defeating the High Chaos Knight. They tell the players that when the Chaos Moon appears in the sky, that's when the players will be able to fight Xing and Xang as the two of them disappear. Back at Drakath's lair, Xing and Xang learn from Drakath that it's almost time for him to send out the 12th Lord of Chaos.

Xing and Xang are told by Drakath that their Chaos Beast will come soon. With help from the ghost of Bardolph, the players and Mirror Drakath work on a trap to catch Xing and Xang with respectful Xangs switched back which later resulted in Xiang.

The players and Drakath later use a special mirror to split Xiang back into Xing and Xang so that Drakath can have his advisors for his fight with Malgor.

When Malgor arrived in an attempt to get Drakath on his side with the restored Chaos Amulet, Xing and Xang came up with a plan to get it when Malgor sends his army to Crownsreach. Upon the players defeating Goldun, Xing sells Drakath out to Malgor as both of them get away.

When Xing asks if she can wield the Chaos Amulet, Malgor declines just in case Xing goes against him. This leads to Malgor giving the Chaos Amulet to Captain Laguna.

Following Captain Laguna's defeat, Xing states to Malgor that they can go to the Mirror Realm to steal the Chaos Amulet from Mirror Drakath which led to them fooling Gravelyn the Good with their lies.

After the attempt with Gravelyn the Good failed, Xing switched places with her Mirror Realm counterpart while Malgor's Horc minion Ogvar makes the foolish mistake of killing his Mirror Realm counterpart. This causes Xing to double the attacks in the Mirror Realm with an army of Shadowbeasts, Shadowflame Militias, Shadowflame Sorcerers, Shadow Flames, and Shadow Traps. Then she plans to use the Blight which she couldn't control and did a fatal strike to Ogvar as the players arrived. Once the Blighted Wip was defeated and Ogvar died, Xing retreated.

Tired of being Malgor's minion, Xing states to the players, Mirror Drakath, Archmage Brentan, and Gravelyn the Good that Malgor is coming to the Mirror Realm with his army. She wants to work with them so that she can get back on Drakath's good side. Upon the players defeating the Shadowflame Dragon that Malgor summoned, Archmage Brentan finishes the spell and ejects the players, Xing, and Malgor's army from the Mirror Realm. The players reunite Xing with Drakath and Xang where they mentioned how she helped to get Malgor out of the Mirror Realm where both twins admit that they can't function without each other. While Drakath mentions that it will be awhile before he can regain Xing's trust, he's glad that she is back on his side.

Mirror Realm Xing and Xang

In the Mirror Realm, Xing and Xang are members of Drakath's Lords of Order.

Once the Xangs are switched back, she ends up angry and sad about this as she can no longer reach out to Drakath to undo the trick that the players did to her.


Chaos Lord Xing

  • Location: Chaos Realm
  • Level: 17
  • HP: 16,709
  • MP: 100

Chaos Lord Xang

  • Location: Chaos Realm
  • Level: 17
  • HP: 15,708
  • MP: 100



  • Xing is The First Chaos Lord that is an actual demon the second being Kitsune who is a Yokai and Tibicenas who is a Ghul.
  • The Twins are more powerful than Escherion from what Quibble said.
  • It appears that the twins are Drakath's recruiters, picking up and chaorrupting allies for Drakath.
  • They appeared at the end of the Golden Onslaught War, chaorrupting Maximillian Lionfang.
  • They also appeared shortly after the half-dragon sorceress Nythera defeated the Ice Queen Aisha with chaos magic. They promised to guide her to the right path. They were later seen checking out the portal to The Void while the players, Nythera, Adak Amaroq, and the other townspeople of Guwio Village are rebuilding the village itself. The twins became interested in the portal.
  • They are nearly the same as Gothy Girl (Yin Yang Girls), and Girly Girl (Yin Yang Girls) except for they are Xing and Xang, not Ying and Yang, also, they look slightly different.
  • Whilst they appear in numerous cutscenes they have yet to be given an area to destroy in Lore. The last time, they tried to destroy Battleon, but they failed. That was the only main event that they had any hand in.
  • There colors are similar to The Masagami from Kurokami since they are also twins of red and white with some black
  • Their Lords of Order versions in the Mirror Realm have skirts with stars on their belts and different-colored arms and faces. Xing's Order version has Gothy's face and wears lavender tights and sandals while Xang's Order version has Girly's face and wears beads around her wrists, just like Girly.
  • As revealed in the Bloodtusk Ravine saga, Drakath tore open a portal and replaced the good Xang with the evil Mirror Xang. The Twins are planning to start a war between the Horcs and the Trolls while preparing the Ninth Lord of Chaos, which was soon revealed to be Krellenos (who was later usurped and killed by Khasaanda).


  • The Taoist Symbol Ying Yang: Xing and Xang are reference to taoist Ying Yang symbol. Ying represents the small amount evil in good, and Yang represents the small amount of good in evil. Together they make perfect a balance.
  • The Twins are also a clear reference to the devilish and angelic representations of your conscience that appear on ones' shoulder when he or she is in doubt about what to do shown in cartoons and fiction. They have appeared to both the player and to Drakath in a similar manner.
  • Due to the unpredictability of Chaos, The Third Lord of Chaos, Vath appeared himself before these 2.
  • The Twins are the first female Chaos Lords, the second being Kimberly Freeman of One-Eyed Doll.