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The 2nd Lord of Chaos and the combined form of Xing and Xang.

Xiang is the 2nd Lord of Chaos and the combined form of Xing and Xang.


With the respectful Xangs switched back, Drakath knew this would happen as the Chaos energies combine Xing and Xang into Xiang and unleashes their Chaos Beast called the Chaos Harpy.

After The Hero kills the Chaos Harpy, The Hero face Xiang who is having a hard time controlling her good half. The Hero then fight Xiang. When The Hero defeat Xiang, she starts to lose control of her good half again as The Hero knock her down. The Hero then contacts Mirror Drakath as he tells Xing, Xang, and Xiang that they are free. Xiang's bad side is not going to make The Hero make a choice while Xiang's good side agrees with The Hero. Xiang then gets away.

With the threat of Malgor occurring, Drakath enlists the players into finding Xiang so that he can split them back into Xing and Xang. Arriving where Xiang was last sighted, the player and Drakath fight the Terrasites and Droognax to analyze how their power is working. When the players find Xiang, they find that she has become more powerful. The players then defeat the Netherpit Lackey. Then they learn from the Netherpit Bruiser about a special mirror that can help them. Upon getting the mirror out of the mausoleum, the players take on Xiang and defeat her. Then Drakath uses the mirror to split Xiang back into Xing and Xang.


Level 35

  • Location: Mirror Portal
  • Level: 35
  • HP: 80,689
  • MP: 100

NOTE: Xiang will hurt the players with one hand and heal them with the other hand.

Level 65

  • Location: Chaos Duality
  • Level: 65
  • HP: 161,127
  • MP: 100


Level 35

  • Chaotic Power
  • Runes Found
  • Rune of Chaos Enchantment
  • Treasure Chest
  • Xiang Chaos
  • Xiang's Evil Wings
  • Xiang's Good Wings

Level 65

  • All-Seeing Spear of Chaos
  • Heroic Berserker
  • Heroic Berserker Accoutrements
  • Heroic Berserker Axe
  • Heroic Berserker Blade
  • Heroic Berserker Hammer
  • Heroic Berserker Locks
  • Heroic Berserker Shag
  • Heroic Berserker Skullcap
  • Inverted Mirror
  • Techno Chaos Blade
  • Treasure Chest


  • Xiang resembles one of the depictions of a fallen angel with both the wings of a demon and an angel.
  • Xiang is the first character who is a fusion of characters.
  • She is so far the only fusion based Chaos Lord.
  • Despite her high HP, she can also heal the player using her good half, giving lower leveled players a chance to heal, but it is still suggested that there is at least one healer in the party.
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