Twin sister of Xing. One of the second Lords of Chaos. She was a "shoulder angle", being the goodness in morality. She helped the hero decide whether to be good or evil. She and Xing then went to Drakath to help him. Drakath used Doom to corrupt/turn evil Xang. She now outdo's anything her sister says. She has an enourmous ponytail when she is evil. She is also very hooooooooot.

The Twins Cutscene Hero : I can't decide . Hero : Should I join King Alteon and the forces of Good ? Hero : I could use my sword to protect the world . Hero : Or should I join Gravelyn and the forces of Evil ? Hero : I could gain unspeakable power and riches . Xing appears Xing : You are wasting time thinking about this . Xing : CHOOSE EVIL ! Xing : By sitting here you are wasting precious time in which you could be gaining power ! Xang appears Xang : NO! Join Good ! You could become a true real hero of the Land . Xang : Be a champion of Justice and a role model for the children ! Xing :<sigh> Do not listen to her ! Choose Evil and a better fashion sense ! Xang : I disagree !Good-guys look awesome ! Choose Good and feel great about everything you do ! Hero : I know exactly what to do! Hero leaves Xing & Xang : Awwww... Xing : Pfft... that was way too ... Xang : ... easy . Now we need to ... Xing : ... find someone else who is interested in ... Xang : ... our moral counseling ! Scene changes to Drakath Drakath : Whoom shall I choose for my next Lord of Chaos ? So many willing candidates . Twins appear Drakath : WHAT ? HOW IT IS POSSIBILE YOU ARE HERE ? Xing & Xang : We came help you decide !... to decide the next lord of Chaos ! Xing : Choose someone wicked ! Someone who will burn and destroy the land ! Xang : No . No . Choose someone good who will shower the world with random acts of kindness ! Xing : Pfft . Choose someone who will shower the world with plagues ! Xang : No ! You should ... Drakath smiles Drakath : Do ALL the people of this land find certainty and order through your well balanced arguments? Drakath : HAHAHA.... THEN I HAVE MADE MY CHOICE Some time later... Drakath : TWINS ! I shall accept your counseling on the following matter ... Drakath : Should I flood Battleon of burn it ? Xing : Burning is too slow ! Xing : You should hurl a meteor at it ! Xang : No ! Xang : You should hurl two meteors at it ! Drakath : HAHAHAHA ! Xang & Xing: HAHAHAHA !

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