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Xan is a character in AdventureQuest Worlds.



Xan was a mage who went to the same academy with Warlic. They were friends until an accident set Xan ablaze causing Warlic to cast a spell that caused Xan's head to be consumed in healing flames.

The players end up captured by Xan who has brought them into a volcano and plans to get revenge on Warlic. After Xan leaves, Warlic's messenger Jimmy the Eye arrives and frees the players who make their way to the top of the volcano while fighting Fire Imps, Flame Elementals, Flamethrower Dwakels, and Lava Golems. Upon making their way to the top and defeating Magman, Warlic tells the players that Xan has gotten away. Warlic informs the players about Xan's history. Warlic states that the accident that transformed Xan also sealed Jaania in a crystal.

Upon arriving in Basani, the players learn from the teacher Scoria that Xan attacked their town with the attack separating the parents from their children. The players learn that the children are safely locked up in the mill. While fighting their way past Fire Imps and Lava Golems, the players enter the mill and meet up with the children led by Scoria's son Andesi who tells them that Xan came to Basani riding in on a lava wave and didn't hit anyone. Upon delivering a note to Scoria from Andesi stating that he is alright, the players find Xan and fight him. When the players defeat Xan, he states that the volcano has given up it's secrets to him and is looking for an apprentice. When the players offer themselves up as his apprentice, Xan declines telling the parents that they must choose one of the children to be his apprentice. He states that he had separated the children from the parents before escaping. The players tell Scoria of the situation and it has become clear that he wants to make one of the children his apprentice causing the players and Scoria to make a plan. Xan speaks to his plans of obtaining an apprentice to the children as Andesi volunteers in exchange that Xan leaves everyone else alone. Xan declines stating that he wants the children to pick a parent to be his apprentice.

The players move through Xan's cave in order to find the sealed library and learn what Shurpu means. While fighting Lava Goblins and Lava Mages, Warlic learns from the records in the library about the Ring of Shurpu which can magnify and amplify a being's fire abilities. The players and Warlic plan to get the Ring of Shurpu before Xan can break Scoria's mind. After besting the Shurpu Ring Guardian, the players and Warlic confront Xan and demand the release of Scoria. Xan states that Scoria served as the invitation for he wanted the Ring of Shurpu. Xan then demands to have the Ring of Shurpu or he will throw Scoria in the lava. The players have no choice but to have Warlic give Xan the Ring of Shurpu. Warlic throws Xan the Ring of Shurpu as Xan gives Scoria back. Xan then places the Ring of Shurpu on him and a spell so that Warlic can't remove the ring from his finger. When Xan tries to fry the players, the Ring of Shurpu doesn't work as the player mentions that they went to Escherion's tower and implanted some of his inversion magic into the Ring of Shurpu. Because of this, the fire abilities are reduced and only Warlic and the players can remove the Ring of Shurpu. The players then leave to rebuild Basani as Xan throws a tantrum. Warlic tells the players that he will use the library into find a way to restore Xan to normal.

It was later revealed by Kimberly Freeman that Xan's mind was broken by Dr. De'Sawed at the time when he institutionalized Xan.

Mirror Realm

In the Mirror Realm, Xan is a sane Cryomancer named Nax.


  • Level: 25
  • HP: 87,695
  • MP: 100
  • Location: Basani