Wrathful Vestis

Wrathful Vestis is a monster in AdventureQuest Worlds.


Wrathful Vestis is a Darkblood warlord who ran the Death Pits in the past. He was later defeated and thrown down to the lowest level of the Death Pits before he died.

In the present, Wrathful Vestis is an undead. During Maximillian Lionfang's invasion on Falguard, Wrathful Vestis was Chaorrupted. The players had to defeat Wrathful Vestis in order to get to the Tears of the Mother.


  • Location: Death Pits
  • Level: 25
  • HP: 20,990
  • MP: 100


  • DarkBlood Pit Warrior
  • Death Pit Warrior
  • Horned Death Pit Helm
  • Treasure Chest
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