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"Thank you for answering our call for help. Just look at our forest! Lucky Harms and his partner Monochrome have destroyed the rainbow guarded by Roy G. Biv, the sneevilchaun. It was blasted by the A.R.C (anti-rainbow cannon)developed by Monochrome and exploded all over the place. Please help us put things to rights.

Location Rainbow


  • Rainbow Rats:
      • Description:

"The rats in this area have been affected by the cannon's blast. The falling rainbow has turned them into Rainbow Rats! Defeat the rats and bring back 10 Rainbow Pellets as proof."

    • Items required: Rainbow Pellets x10
    • Rewards: 75 gold, 75 xp

  • Monochrome:
      • Description:

"Monochrome the Dwakel hates color. ALL color. He has created the A.R.C (Anti-Rainbow Cannon) to destroy all rainbows across Lore. Defeat Monochrome and bring back the key to the A.R.C - once you have that you'll be able to go and destroy the A.R.C for good!" (The A.R.C key is not required to kill the A.R.C)

    • Items required: Grey Meter x1,
    • Rewards: 75 gold, 75 xp, A.R.C key

Note: I'm not sure the A.R.C key does anything.

  • Destroy the A.R.C:
      • Description:

"Now that you have the key, you will be able to destroy the Anti-Rainbow Cannon(A.R.C) that was used by Lucky Harms and Monochrome to destroy this rainbow. We need to make sure that this will never happen again!"

    • Items required: Lazer Beem x1

  • Frost that Lucky Harms!:
      • Description:

"Lucky Harms, The Hork Warlord, is trying to destroy Roy G. Biv! Without Roy, this rainbow will never come back ... ever! Defeat Lucky Harms in battle and bring back his Top Hat so that we can retrieve his 4-leaf Clover. Without it, he won't be "lucky" any more."

  • Pot of Gold!:
      • Description:

"Well, they say there's a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow... and there is! Roy G. Biv isn't interested in the Gold, but he sure does want his Pot back! You know how much those Sneevils like their containers!

Try and figure out which of these creatures grabbed the pot, and bring it back for a great reward."

Note: I've been told from other players that there's a 1% drop rate on The Golden Pot from all the creatures in Rainbow. I personally have gotten The Golden Pot from only Rainbow Rats on 6 of my accounts. keep on killing em and hopefully you should get the Leprechaun Class in no time.

    • Rewards: 0 gold, 0 xp, Leprechaun Class(armor) no class
    • fight to find it
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