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Chaos Lord Wolfwing

Wolfwing is the fifth of the 13 Lords of Chaos.


Wolfwing was once an ordinary man until he was bitten by a werewolf and infected with their lycanthropic disease. Shortly afterwards, Safiria also bit him, making him into something new: a Werepyre, sharing both the strengths and weaknesses of both nightbreeds. Neither the vampire kingdom nor the werewolf nation would have anything to do with him, so he was left to fend for himself in the dark. Later, he met with Drakath and agreed to become the 5th Lord of Chaos. Afterwards, Chaos Wolfwing ended up Chaorrupting some of Safiria's Vampire Knights and the Werewolf King's Lycan Knights and sending them on their opposing factions as a distraction from his plans; he created an army of Werepyres and sent them out to capture a dragon, which he planned to bite during the Mystic Wolf Moon when his powers were at their strongest.

His henchmen who tried to stop the hero from his plans are Twisted Paw (a Lycan general who he Chaorrupted) and Sanguine (a Vampire gene

Human Wolfwing

ral who he also Chaorrupted). Safira's strongest warrior Edvard agreed to earn the power of Chaos from him by defeating the hero, assassinating Safiria and placing the blame on the lycans to make them find themselves in a war 100 times deadlier than the one they are in right now so that they would never bother Wolfwing again. The hero is successful in uniting both the vampires and lycans and with Shadowslayer Z's help storms the Chaos Cave to stop Wolfwing, but is too late to stop him from biting the dragon during the Mystic Wolf Moon and making the dragon into his Chaos Beast the Dracowerepyre. Nevertheless, the hero is able to defeat the Dracowerepyre much to Shadowslayer Z's amazement. Shadowslayer Z agrees to scout Wolfwing's lair while the player gets both Safiria and Constantin in order to prepare their armies for the final battle with

Werepyre Wolfwing before his Chaorruption


When the players confront Wolfwing, he reveals that he was loneley and outcasted until Drakath arrived and gave him the power to create his own clan of Werepyres from the vampires and werewolves so he could end the fighting forever. He wanted to make Safiria and Constantin into Werepyres to realize the end of both races' endless war for superiority. When the player spoke that eventually the dwarves, elves, and even humans would come to Darkovia or Wolfwing would be forced to leave, this gave Wolfwing an idea: he decided that all of Lore must become members of his clan. He wanted to make a world full of Werepyres starting with the player. From that point on, a battle is fought. After Wolfwing is defeated, the player has two choices:

  • If the player chooses to spare Wolfwing's life, the player will try to convince Wolfwing to join the Great Truce only for Wolfwing to be shot by an arrow launched by Shadowslayer Z. What the player nor Shadowslayer Z don't know is that the moon is slowly restoring Wolfwing's remains. This choice increases your Good Reputation.
  • If the player chooses to destroy Wolfwing, the player tells him that Chaos must fall and tells him to get up as he/she refuses to finish Wolfwing while he's on his knees only for Wolfwing to be shot by an arrow launched by Shadowslayer Z. What the player nor Shadowslayer don't know is that the moon is slowly restoring Wolfwing's remains. This choice increases your Evil Reputation.

While in the Chaos Realm, Drakath revives the chaos side of Wolfwing to fight the players.


000Wolfwing Stone Statue.png

A Statue of Wolfwing shows up when the Hero tries to confront Drakath.

Mirror Realm Wolfwing

In the Mirror Realm, Wolfwing is a member of Drakath's Lords of Order.


Location: Wolfwing's Den in Darkovia


  • Broad Werepyre Blade -- Member Only --
  • Wolfwing Armor -- Member Only --
  • Wolfwing Mask
  • Wolfwing's Wings
  • Wrath of the Werepyre -- Member Only --

NOTE: Wolfwing will use a shockwave attack to heal himself up to five times per fight. Also, as Wolfwing's HP nears depletion, he will go berserk and attack twice as fast as usual. He is also immune to stun attacks.


  • He was originally an NPC and fightable monster in the original AdventureQuest. You can obtain the Werepyre sub-race.
  • He bit the dragon he captured during the Mystic Wolf Moon, turning it into a Dracowerepyre that looks like Nightbane.
  • His real name is Erimus.
  • He is the father of Nightbane and the grandfather of Cenara and Vampire Slayer E.
  • In AdventureQuest, he is on the side of the Unity against the Network, hunting Nightbane and The'Galin.
  • Wolfwing's Lords of Order counterpart in the Mirror Realm is a black non-chaorrupted version of himself with green eyes and a lack of extra eyes on his forehead. His maw is not gaping and he looks more like his Chaos Lord self before Chaorruption with a non-chaorrupted version of his armor. If you look closely, you can see a black Chaos tentacle on his back.
  • Many people actually believe that using class abilities on Wolfwing heals him, which, in fact, is not true. What is true, however, is that Wolfwing does use an attack that lets him heal himself.