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Wisteria is a monster in AdventureQuest Worlds


The Wisteria is an enormous and carnivorous plant with a ferocious attitude towards obnoxious adventurers who defile the nature around them. They are known to release a poisonous spore that causes anyone passing by to hallucinate making them view the Wisteria as a beautiful woman lost in the woods. Anyone tricked by the Wisteria's hallucination will end up eaten by it's bloodthirsty abdomen.

The Wisteria make their home in Guru Forest where the heart of this forest is where the Wisteria makes it's home. Any contamination caused by the Queen of Monsters or the Rift have caused the creations of it's known subspecies.

Wisterias are said to be connected to all plant life and has been called "Mother Nature." They are also the number one source of Paladaffodils where it was used in restoring Artix's Blinding Light of Destiny.

Wisterias are considered to be sacred by botanists and avidly sought out by Alina. An entire scraping of Wisteria's exterior can be equivalent to an entire storehouse of alchemical ingredients.

The tentacles of the Wisteria are known to take down a full-grown Gorillaphant. The claws that she sprouts are not actually nails, but overgrown and rotted teeth from her mouth which she plucks out when they need replacing.



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