Willow Creek Quests

Quest Location: Battleon - Warlic's Magic Shop

Quests Begun From: Warlic


Thank you for answering my call! I have received an urgent message from the Church Elder of Willow Creek. There is a monster loose in the area, attacking their animals and crops. To show me that you are the right person for the job, please go to the Forest and bring me back 5 zard tails and (most importantly) the Zard Chieftain's Head. Once you have done that, I know I can recommend you to Calafalas with no reservations.

Items Required: Chieftain's Head (1), Hideous Tail (5)

Item Location: Dropped by Boss Zardman, Zardman Grunt and Zardman Hunter from Greenguard Forest

Rewards: 200 Gold, 200 Exp, Letter of Recommendation

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