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Description: "Beware Mortal! Turn back now, lest ye join in the eternal torment of the foul curse which has befallen me! For this level of the keep is guarded by a fierce Ice Elemental, who is sworn to protect the legendary Bludrut Sword with all his arcane power. Death and despair await any ill-prepared Adventurer who is foolish enough to trespass on his domain!"


  • Water Endurance:
      • Description:

"Wait... you're still here? You weren't scared off by my dire and ominous warning of eternal torment? Hmmm... you know, you may be just the person i need to help break this terrible curse. But I need to be sure. The fiendish Water Elemental who guards this level employs many beautiful but deadly Sirens to help him in his task. If you could slay 25 of them and return to me with their essences, I will have proof of your strength and will unlock the room which contains my watery tormentor. (Bring back 25 Water Essences to complete this quest)"

    • Items required: 25 Water Essence
    • Rewards: 130 gold, 130 xp
  • Liquid Soul:
      • Description:

"I fear that I will not ever forget those final moments, as the Ice Elemental stood over me and cursed my soul for all eternity. As my vision grew dim, the last thing I saw was the bright glow emanating from a bracelet on his wrist. If you could bring this bracelet to me, I do believe I can use its arcane power to lift the curse and free my soul from this accursed dungeon. (Bring back the Water Bracelet to complete this quest)"

    • Items required: 1 Water Bracelet
    • Rewards: 170 gold, 170 xp
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