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Voltaire and Deady

Voltaire is a singer in AdventureQuest Worlds.


The players met Voltaire and his teddy bear sidekick Deady when he takes them on a cruise to Skull Punch Island in search of the Cursed Guitar of Skull Punch Island. After fighting past some Undead Pirates, a Braken, Fishbones, and the Beast of Pirate's Bay, the players find the Cursed Guitar of Skull Punch Island. The Cursed Guitar of Skull Punch Island required the right spell and when it was said wrong, it turned Voltaire into the giant Undead Voltaire. After being defeated, it regress back to Voltaire.

Voltaire then returned for a concert for a concert in Battleon where Deady sends them to Skull Punch Island to reclaim the top hat that was surging with cursed energy.

In a ghost story told by Ranger George Lowe, he called in Voltaire to help Twig with his nightmares. Voltaire and Deady then knock the players out which sends them into Twig's dream where they have an encounter with Twiggy Krueger. After George Lowe in the form of the George Lowe-Viathan was defeated, he assists Kimberly Freeman and Artix into taking George Lowe away.

Voltaire later returned to help fight the forces of the Necrus Lord Krom Wrath and his Necrosian forces from the planet Necronus in order to keep them from stealing the Vorutanian Key Blade. After fighting passed the One-Armed Bandit's gang and getting off the Ghost Train, the player, Voltaire, and Deady arrive at the sunken ship from Vorutania and discover Lord Krom Wrath's army at the ship with Lord Krom Wrath in possession of the Vorutanian Key Blade. After fighting through the Necrosian Soldiers and Necrosian Walkers, the players swipe the Vortuanian Key Blade from Lord Krom Wrath who reveals that Deady is actually Urkor Malravenous. Deady assumes his true form of Urkor Malravenous to fight Lord Krom Wrath who summons Yaharneth to reclaim the Vorutanian Key Blade. While One-Armed Bandit arrived to settle a score with Voltaire, the players fight Yaharneth and defeat him. Lord Krom Wrath orders his army to retreat while Voltaire emerges upon being beaten up by One-Armed Bandit. Voltaire then lets the player keep the Vorutanian Key Blade as Deady shows them how he makes sushi.

The players use the Bloody Deady chant to summon Voltaire and Deady to Little Etherstorm when the tinker Kierk's robotic daughter Amira 2.0 goes berserk upon Little Etherstorm's king trying to claim her for his bride. With the aid of a unicorn wrangler named Andrew Huang, the players perform a ritual which involves dipping a Black Unicorn into a volcano to create a fire-elemental black unicorn which helped to prove instrumental in defeating Amira 2.0. Using the Vorutanian Key Blade, Voltaire restores Amira 2.0 to normal as he plans to hold on to the Black Unicorn that he created.

When the Sleezter Bunny arrives at the site of the crashed Necrosian Invasion ship and leads the Bunny Minions (which were created using the Necrosian Clone-o-Mat 3000) in a plot to take over Lore for his master, the players join forces with Voltaire and Deady in order to stop the Sleezter Bunny (who is also an enemy of Deady). The players fight Bunny Minions in order to forge some disguises for the infiltration. Once the disguises are made, the players infiltrate the crashed Necrosian Invasion ship to confront Sleezter Bunny. Upon the players defeating Sleezter Bunny, the players and Deady question Sleezter Bunny on what is in the large egg. Sleezter Bunny states that he doesn't know and that he was following orders from his master. Deady then rips off Sleezter Bunny's head and puts it on in order to find out who Sleezter Bunny's master is. Upon contacting the nearby orb disguised as Sleezter Bunny, Deady tells the players that the Beast Maker is Sleezter Bunny's master and creator alongside the other horror movie matinee rejects. Upon informing this to Voltaire, he tells the players that Beast Maker is more stupid than Sleezter Bunny. Voltaire tells the players that they should deactivate the giant egg timer and the Clone-o-Mat 3000. Voltaire tells the players and Deady that he sifted through the wreckage and found a Necrosian Mantis Ray. While the players and Deady try to stop the giant egg from hatching, Voltaire plans to improve the Necrosian Mantis Ray to destroy the giant egg once and for all. The players collect spare parts for the Necrosian Mantis Ray, obtained a map of Sleezter Bunny's lair from one of the Bunny Minions, and disabled the Clone-o-Mat 3000. While the players work to disable the egg timer, a Bunny Minion mistook Deady for Sleezter Bunny as Deady claims that the players are the Egg Repair Person. After Deady sends the Bunny Minion on his way, the players deactivate what was the plug the Egg Timer only to discover that the plug was for the coffee maker. The giant egg hatches into a giant undead bunny. Voltaire arrives with a tricked-out Necrosian Mantis Ray where the Unicorn Shields tripled the capacity of the Necrosian Mantis Ray with additional firepower donated through the power of the Vorutanian Key Blade. The players pilot the upgraded Necrosian Mantis Ray while being advised not to turn on the windshield wipers and the radio at the same time. The players managed to damage the undead bunny monster. So the players turn on the windshield wipers and radio which shorted out enough to destroy the monster as the players land near Voltaire and Deady. Deady notices that the monster's rabbit feet are still around stating that they should be good luck. As the player apologize for the loss of the Vorutanian Key Blade and the Unicorn Shields, Voltaire states that it's a small price to pay for saving all of Lore and that they might show up again sooner or later. The Beast Maker is not pleased with Sleezter Bunny's failure and is planning to keep a closer eye on the players.

Following Sleezter Bunny's failure, Beast Maker takes matters into his own hands causing the players to work with Voltaire and Deady to stop the Beast Maker. In Lore, the players fight Flabberbats and Whablobbles in order to get the Shadow Key to the Shadow Gate leading to the Neverworld (the home of nightmares in the Shadow Realms). When the players, Voltaire, and Deady enter the Neverworld, they find that the Beast Maker has left for Lore and that he didn't take all of his creatures with him. The players end up fighting Beast Maker's Spid-Squiders, Snackistopheles, and Fishizzles. After solving the riddle, the players enter Beast Maker's lab where Deady unknowingly activates the machine that clones Beast Master's experiments. After taking out the cloning machine' Generator, the players look for Voltaire's Commander of Unicorns Shield in the Beast Master's kennel. Then the players free the creatures from their cages and lure the creatures to the main hall with kibble and even bring those who couldn't be lured out to the main hall. After besting the Beast Maker, the players get the Commander of Unicorn Shield from Voltaire and reflects the sunlight towards the Beast Maker and his creatures. Beast Maker vows to collect monsters and make Lore his. Deady makes a wager involving Sleezter Bunny's head and tail with Beast Maker where if Deady wins, Beast Maker and his creatures go back to the Neverworld. Beast Maker states that if he wins, he'll get all of Lore. Voltaire tells the players that something good is going to happen by how innocent Deady looks. Sleezter unknowingly knocks himself and Beast Maker back into the portal to the Neverworld. When the player asks Voltaire if the Commander of Unicorn Shield can help shield Lore from the Neverworld, Voltaire and the players use the Commander of Unicorn Shield to seal the entrance to the Neverworld.

Voltaire later helps the players collect the pieces of a treasure map that leads to the Chumbeard's treasure, they obtain the services of a Gargoyle Bat called Hargoyle as they set off for treasure. Just then, Voltaire's ship are attacked by Vampirates (a race of vampire pirates) and Creepy Bats. After encountering the Vampirate Captain Von Poach, the ship is pulled underwater by the Bracken Kraken. Voltaire has the air for the airtanks collected from the Stranglerfish, fight off the Vampirates and Murderaconians, and defeat the Bracken Kraken in order to unsink the ship. Upon getting back on course, the players and Voltaire arrive at Mystery Treasure Island. While Voltaire, Deady, and Hargoyle hold off some of the Vampirates, the players look for the treasure. Upon finding Chumbeard's treasure, Captain Von Poach arrives with a plot to claim Chumbeard's treasure and Hargoyle. After defeating Captain Von Poach, the players discovered that anyone who opens the treasure chest will be doomed to a life of exact opposites. This causes Captain Von Poach's loot to turn to candy and Captain Von Poach to be turned into a Gargoyle Bat who falls in love with Hargoyle. Unbeknownst to the players and Voltaire, Deady manages to find the map to the real buried treasure.

Voltaire later helps the players when the Mysterious Stranger when he arrives in Lore after the seal preventing him from entering was destroyed when the Queen of Monsters was freed. They begin their search for the fragments of the Cursed Mirror of Enutrof. The Mysterious Stranger then uses the power of the rising Shadows to create the 13 Lords of Doom from the residue shadows creating shadow versions of Xan, Maximillian Lionfang, Sepulchure, Zorbak, Safira, Drakonnan, Vayle, Sally, Grimskull, Valtrith, Vaal, and Vordred. Shadow Vayle is the first opponent that the Mysterious Stranger sends to fight the players and Voltaire only to be defeated by them. After Shadow Vayle is defeated, the Mysterious Stranger unleashes Shadow Sally, Shadow Noxus, Shadow Zorbak, Shadow Lionfang, Shadow Grimskull, Shadow Safira, Shadow Xan, Shadow Drakonnan, Shadow Valtrith, Shadow Vaal, and Shadow Sepulchure to fight the players and Voltaire. After besting the 13th Doom Lord (a shadow version of Vordred), the players and Voltaire know that whoever caused the Shadows to attack will probably return next Friday the 13th.

The players and Voltaire drop Deady off on a space station before Voltaire's gig on Necrosia since Deady isn't welcome on Necronus. They end up having to fight an invasion of Trobboliers on the space station.

At Crownsreach, Voltaire is hired by Drakath and his right-hand woman Cemaros in order to do a makeover of Drakath's new lair. The players were brought along with Voltaire because Deady was unavailable. Voltaire presents Drakath and Cemaros with the statue of the ancient deity Shub'hathrys from Necronus which Drakath accidentally awakens. Shub'hathrys goes on a rampage unleashing Eldritch Parasites and Crawling Oozes as the players work to calm down the Panicking Villagers. After the players bested Shub'hathrys who regresses back to a statue, Drakath vows not to touch it again while Cemaros states that Drakath will when he unleashes it on an unsuspecting world which Drakath didn't want Cemaros to tell the players. Voltaire is hooked up with some marketing people to promote his Gothic Castlekeeping service with Drakath featured in the issue.

Voltaire was among the characters that were invited to Count Maxius' party during the full moon and became one of his captives. After the players and Safiria's ghost freed Constantin and Kimberly Freeman, they find Voltaire hooked up to a machine where it draws out creatures from Voltaire's imagination like Creepy Scales, Frankentacles, Spidderbeasts, and Spooky Furs. After the players freed Voltaire and took down the Black Unicorn, Voltaire agrees to assist the players in their fight against Count Maxius while telling Kimberly that he will get her a Black Unicorn of her own.

Voltaire and the players visit Camp Gonnagetcha and learn about the legend of Shrade. They contend with Restless Spirits, Vengeful Ghosts, and Black Knight Ghosts when the campers and staff go missing. Once they find a passage through a mirror, they discover a cult that worships Shrade as they fight the Shrade Cultists. When their leader called the Bride of Shrade is defeated, Shrade fights the players and discover that it is actually Mort and Swaggy in disguise. The cultists are remanded to the Swordhaven Dungeon. The real Shrade is still out there.

Displeased that Mort and Swaggy impersonated him, Shrade attacks them during their next plan causing them to be saved by the players and Voltaire. When on the road, Voltaire's car breaks down. In order to repair it, the players get materials by fighting Auto Gremlins, Oil Elementals, a Huge Auto Gremlin, and some Energy Elemental. Once the car is repaired, they take refuge in a cabin while contending with the local Spooky Treeants and Dire Wolves. When Shrade catches up to them, the players are able to defeat him....for now.

When Hargoyle goes missing looking for treasure at Merrow Trench, the players accompany Voltaire to rescue him while dealing with the local Waterlogged Zombies, Fishwings, Merdraconian Squatters and Electric Eels. After beating the zombie Moaney McBoney, the players find Hargoyle and are attacked by the sea witch Cecaelia. When the ship arises as a ghost ship following Cecaelia's defeat, the players and Voltaire find themselves in ghost forms due to the curse and work to undo the curse by fighting Spectro-Plasms, Spooky Sailors, Ghostly Fishwings, and Seawraiths. When the personification of the Sea Witch's Curse is defeated, the curse is lifted as the ship becomes solid and sinks back into the ocean. The players are reluctant to take Voltaire's suggestion to go after there next year.

On Frostval, Voltaire and the players collaborate in a plan to bring Santa Claus to Lore by getting things from the Sneevil Toy Maker, Polar Golems, Frostval Sprites, Frost Lions, Frozen Deserters, Glacier Moles, and Frost Makai. In order to get ingredients for a spell to summon Santa Claus, they obtain a Snow Crow's feather, a Frost Tog's tail, and a red fuzzy hat from Santy Claws. They cast the spell and instead summon Krampus who traps Voltaire and the players in an ornament where they had to fight their way passed the Krampus Minions, Trapped Spirits, and the Jailer in order to get out. Afterwards, they find Frostvale has been twisted by Krampus where they had to fight Living Frost, Snow Skulls, Twisted Deer, and Dark Energies. Then they fight Krampus and managed to defeat them. After Krampus flees, Frostvale is restored to normal as the Moglins celebrate Frostval anyway.

Voltaire later tells the story on how Dage the Evil wanted to get his hands on a Puzzle Box of the Enigma so that it would take him to a new realm for the Undead Army to conquer. The players had to gather bones from the Bones of the Doomed and fight three Cursed Guardians in order to get the blackened heart, a ritual knife called the Ancient Athame, and the Withered Hand. After gathering the stuff and solving the Puzzle Box, it transforms the Keeper into it's pin-faced form as Dage the Evil instructs it to take him to the Splatter Realm. Dage the Evil planned to conquer it only to find that Shrade beat him to it. This results in a war between Dage the Evil and his army of Legion Gladiators and Legion Maws against Shrade's army of Bladehands and Jack o' Weens. Dage the Evil was able to defeat Shrade, but discovered that he is neither dead or alive. Feeling that the Splatter Realm would not be a good realm to conquer, Dage the Evil orders his forces to retreat and then destroys the Puzzle Box. After the story, the players now understand from Voltaire on why Shrade can't be defeated and that Shrade would always return.

Oishii contracted Voltaire to help make food for the Harvest Feast. While pulling an all-nighter, Voltaire was attacked by the food and decorations like a Monster Cake, Killer Cupcakes, Angry Punches, Ice Screams, Ice Elementals, Spooky Lanterns, and Bat Garlands. They find that Memet's lack of sleep affected the set-up. After besting the Bed Monster, the players fight the culprit in Sleep Paralysis. Even they they defeat it, it transports them into Memet's dreams. Once inside, the players and Voltaire make their way to where Memet is while fighting Burning Embers and Fire Cyclones. When they arrive, they must get Memet out her nightmare phase by putting on a show from her fan-fiction about Cannibal Mermaids as they also fight Evil Wyrms and Nightmare Maws. Once that is done, they work to get out of Memet's nightmare by fighting their way past Cannibal Mermaids, Scuttlefish, and the Dark Pit of Despair. Once out of the nightmare, the players, Voltaire, and Memet found that the portal to the dream realm has released Brain-Eating Amoebas, Fire Starters, Murder Hornets, Storm Cores, and Zombie Cicadas. The players defeat the monsters. Unfortunately, some of the Brain-Eating Amoeba start to use their abilities to combine with the fires and the insect corpses to form the fire tornado called This Year. Once This Year was defeated, everyone sits down for the Harvest Feast as Voltaire befriends the party decoration Globlin who came to life during Memet's nightmares. Though Twig managed to tame a Murder Hornet.

Voltaire and Globlin later enlist the players to investigate the emergence of Deadfly who was accidentally summoned by Loremaster Emily of Shadowfall during her research of the supernatural. She explains that Deadfly was originally a minion of Sepulchure before his love for someone caused him to be slain by his commander where he was banished to the Underworld as his anger and anguish kept him alive. The players had to fight Grave Flies, Skeletal Minions, Skeletal Mages, and a Gutripper. When Deadfly was defeated, they learn of his plight that involves Loremaster Emily being in danger and agree to help. The interrogated Skeletal Minions revealed that his commander is Rotfinger who is dead and his soul is in the Underworld. The players go into the Underworld where they fight Lost Souls and Blade Masters and set up Pro-Deadfly banners. It was the banners that attracted Rotfinger as the players defeat him and end Deadfly's curse.

The players accompanied Voltaire to Mysterious Johnson's Oddities Shop where Mysterious Johnson tells them of the doll Alejandro and how he would only be bought back by it's owner or else a curse will happen. Unfortunately for the players and Voltaire, the legendary goblin thief Tuk Pilfersnach touches the doll and activates the curse which brings all the oddities to life. This also attracts the attention of Alejandro's original owner Sally who guides the players and Voltaire into drawing out Alejandro. When the Cursed Spirit in Alejandro is defeated, Sally reclaims Alejandro.


  • "Greetings, I'm Voltaire and this homicidal extraterrestrial monster teddy bear to my right is Deady. Today is Friday the 13th, the one and only day that a path opens to Skull Punch Island. Now as it happens, I'm after the cursed guitar of Skull Punch Island. It is said, Whoever plays the guitar will be cursed with fortunes untold, fame and immortality… There are some side effects, but.. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about! I've commisioned this ghost pirate ship and I'm throwing a concert for all of my friends on the way there... and I'd love it if you'd come with me You may recognize some of the songs from my new CD, To the Bottom of the Sea. Are you crazy enough to board a ghost pirate ship on Friday the 13th and sail through monster-infested water to reach an uncharted island containing a cursed intrument? I think I heard someone say yes! What are you waiting for? Let me grab my guitar and let's go to Skull Puunch Island."

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  • Voltaire is the first to speak out of all the NPCs.
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