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Queen Victoria Alteon

"Robina the Hood"





Ruler of Swordhaven
The Strong


King Alteon, father (Deceased)
Lynaria Alteon, mother (Deceased)
Brittany, elder sister (Deceased)
Tara, younger sister
Brentan, brother-in-law
Gravelyn, half-sister





Queen Victoria the Strong, , is an non playable character in AdventureQuest Worlds.


Queen Victoria is the middle child of King Alteon and Queen Lynaria Alteon of Swordhaven, the sister of Princess Brittany and Princess Tara, and the half-sister of Gravelyn (who Lynaria Alteon gave birth to throug Sepulchure). She is a Ranger and bounty hunter who loves adventure, gold

At a harvest feast that was crashed by Hungry Jacks, the Hero discovers that she is the sister of Princess Brittany and Tara, although she asked them to keep her secret identity from her father who is unaware of her duel life.

She took part in King Alteon's tournament under an alias.

Victoria was present when it came to the wedding of Princess Brittany and Brentan until King Alteon succumbed to Chaos. Following the deaths of King Alteon and Princess Brittany, Victoria was sworn in as the new ruler of Swordhaven with Brentan became the acting King of Swordhaven.


Here are the many shops that Robina has.


Storyline Quests

  • Talk to the Knights
  • Defend the Throne Room

Normal Quests

Frostvale Quests


  • She is King Alteon's second oldest daughter. Her real name is Victoria
  • Following the demise of Queen Brittany, she is currently the queen of Swordhaven.


  • "Steal from the Rich and give to the Monsters. How else do you think they have so much gold when you defeat them?"
  • "My sister… my father… and my home. Drakath WILL pay! I am the rightful Queen of Swordhaven, and I WILL save my people! Hero, you must go face Drakath. I need to stay here and rebuild what Chaos has destroyed."


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