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Undead Invasion is the ultimate battle between Good and Evil since King Alteon ascended the throne. Its root cause stems from King Alteon and Sepulchure's past relationship. Before Sepulchure launched the attack, King Alteon sent a message to the entire population and mobilized the Heroes in all of Lore to side with Good and against Evil so that Sepulchure could not complete his ambition. The battle burned down almost all of Swordhaven and its surroundings. But in the end, both Good and Evil did not win, because Chaos is appear. A new threat awaits Lore.


Good and Evil have always been two opposing forces, always fighting for a long time since the birth of all things. After many confusions and misunderstandings as well as disagreements and irreconcilable disputes, King Alteon and Sepulchure launched the ultimate battle, deciding Lore's survival.

Oaklore Invasion

Sepulchure and his Shadowscythe army

Sepulchure and his entire Shadowscythe force stood in front of Oaklore. The Sepulchure said that they would occupy this land in the name of Evil and issued an order to attack. Many of Sepulchure's fire dragons flew over and spewed fire, sending Oaklore engulfed in flames. The Hero appeared with Ash and Ash said that The Hero was exactly what Lore needed. The Hero then fought with the Pactagonal Knights to repel Sepulchure's forces. After a long battle with the help of Rolith, Warlic and Galanoth, Sepulchure's legion was basically defeated. Galanoth said that there was still one more task for The Hero to complete, the giant dragon in Sepulchure's army appeared, that was the Dread Dragon. The Hero then slayed the Dread Dragon, Galanoth said it was the best dragon battle he'd seen in years and wanted to ask The Hero to join him as a member of the Order of Dragon Slayer.

After leave the Dread Dragon in Oakore, Sepulchure's army was relieved and almost withdrew its forces from here and turned to Swordhaven, the capital of King Alteon. Artix and Alina and Twilly thank The Hero for helping them protect Oaklore and they say The Hero needs go to Swordhaven now before it's too late, the people there need him. On the way to Swordhaven, The Hero met Warlic and Warlic said that he felt that The Hero was the hero that stories often refer to and gave him the Book of Lore. The Hero then continued on his way towards Swordhaven. Meanwhile, Sepulchure attacked Swordhaven.

Chaos Reign

The Hero arrived at Swordhaven and saw the flying castle of Sepulchure floating in the sky, the entire Swordhaven was covered with fire and the sound of slaughter, a large number of Undead surrounded the city gates and inside the castle. The Hero then defeated the Undead at the gate and together with Artix stopped the Undead trying to enter the Throne through the bridge, The Hero finally entered the Throne, where he met Robina, they helped The Pactagonal Knights here escaped danger and prevented the Undead from entering King Alteon's room.

Sepulchure vs King Alteon

Sepulchure was too strong and no one was his opponent, he broke the door of King Alteon's room and rushed inside then immediately killed 2 Pactagonal Knights protect King Alteon. The Undead named Chuckles who accompanied Sepulchure had been laughing like crazy since he came here, no one knew why he was laughing. King Alteon was not afraid of two rushing to fight Sepulchure, both proved to be equally capable, but after a long time to fight, Sepulchure seemed stronger than King Alteon when King Alteon showed signs of weakness.

Drakath arrival

Drakath destroy Sepulchure's heart

Outside Swordhaven, inside the flying castle of Sepulchure, there was a young girl with red hair watching the battle between Sepulchure and King Alteon. Suddenly a purple energy flashed past her face and flew up, she looked up at the sky and it was a man with large wings with dark armor, he rushed into the room where the battle was taking place. and destroy an imaginary array. The man was finally revealed and both Sepulchure and King Alteon recognized him as Drakath. Drakath kill Chuckles and defeated both King Alteon and Sepulchure, leaving them in disbelief because of his strength. Sepulchure then provokes Drakath and Drakath has kills Sepulchure by crushing his heart. It turns out that the girl inside the flying castle is Sepulchure's daughter, her name is Gravelyn. Gravelyn witnessed the scene and she deeply resented Drakath. Drakath shot down the flying castle, Gravelyn's life and death are unknown. Drakath declares to King Alteon and The Hero that from now on Chaos will rule Lore and soon, his 13th Lord of Chaos will destroy them all. Drakath said that he would leave the last fun part to King Alteon and The Hero, then he fly away.