Undead Fartix

Undead Artix is a evil paladin in AdventureQuest Worlds.


In the Mirror Realm, Undead Artix is a Doom Paladin who is a servant of King Alteon the Imbalanced. The players had to help that reality's Chaos Drakath into freeing the Lords of Chaos.

During King Alteon's invasion of the Overworld, King Alteon the Imbalance revives Undead Fartix to assist him and guard the egg that would hatch into the Lore version of the character. Fartix is defeated and his head is taken to Dage the Good to be exorcised.


Undead Artix (New)

Undead Artix (Old)

  • Location: Overworld
  • Level: 25
  • HP: 109,881
  • MP: 100


Undead Artix(Old)

Undead Artix (New)

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