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Tsukumo-Gami is a monster in AdventureQuest Worlds.


Tsukumo-Gamis are born from an object that reaches 100 years old. The Tsukumo-Gamis are among the Yokai that Kitsune enlists to take Yokai Island back from the humans.


  • Location: Yokai Junkyard
  • Level: 15
  • HP: 3,318
  • MP: 100


  • Haunted Lute
  • Haunted Umbrella
  • Yokai Lute
  • Yokai Umbrella

Tsukumo-Gami Types

There are different types of Tsukumo-Gamis in this game with each type being random spawns. Among the Tsukumo-Gami types seen in the game are:

  • Bakezōri - Possessed straw sandals.
  • Kase-Obake - An animated umbrella.
  • An unknown lute Tsukumo-Gami.
  • An unknown harp Tsukumo-Gami.
  • An unknown lamp Tsukumo-Gami.
  • An unknown lantern Tsukumo-Gami.