Tibicenas is a Djinn hailing from the Djinn world who is the eighth of the 13 Lords of Chaos.


Tibicenas is a chaorrupted Djinn living in the Djinn world whom Zahart was given the ability to summon when he got a magic ring as a gift from Drakath that he could use to summon him. The Djinn's purpose was to help Zahart in his search for the Chaos Sphinx at the Sand Castle. He was given the command by Zahart to unleash an unnatural sandstorm that blew across the desert itself, revealing the oasis community to be just part of a much larger town once devoured by the sands and forgotten by the people.

When the players confronted and questioned Zahart about the sandstorm and he revealed that it was caused by a mighty Djinn, he used his magic ring and ordered him to capture the player. But they were interrupted and ambushed by Zhoom as a warning shot. Under the threat of being slain by him, Zahart ordered the Djinn to release the players. After revealing that indeed he was searching for something and they would see what it was in time, Zahart and Tibicenas teleported somewhere else. This left the players and Zhoom free to track down Sek-Duat: God-King of the Sandsea. Sek-Duat knows that they could only defeat Tibicenas with a Djinn, and even knew where they could find one...the Cave of Wanders which is where a lamp housing a supposed Djinn resided.

Later, Zahart used the red diamond uncovered by his slaves to awaken the Chaos Sphinx while Tibicenas disposed of the slave as his reward. Meanwhile, the Marid (good Djinn) Saahir, who was released from the lamp by the players and Zhoom, revealed to them that Tibicenas was once an ordinary Ghul, an evil Djinn, until he tried to become as powerful as the Efreet by playing with Chaos magic. The Efreet caught him and cast him out of the Djinn world, bounding him to a Chaorrupted magic ring that would soon belong to Zahart. Upon fighting through the War Mummies and War Hyenas, the players fight the Chaos Sphinx.

The players and Zhoom defeated the Sphinx and returned it to its harmless stone state by knocking the red diamond out of its necklace (the red diamond was its heart and without it it wouldn't function). Zahart wanted to repair the Sphinx but decided to retreat where the players couldn't follow for then and had Tibicenas open a portal. Zhoom destroyed the ring causing the Djinn to be free. Tibicenas knew that Drakath was correct in what he said that if he waited long enough Zahart would lose the ring. Now that he was free, he hypnotized Zahart into his new slave, and as thanks to Zhoom for freeing him, he vowed to repay him by returning to conquer his world soon after finishing his unfinished business. Tibicenas and his slave Zahart then departed for the Djinn World.

The players head to the Djinn World and warn the Efreet about Tibicenas' return. When Tibicenas returns, Saahir tries to stop him only to end up defeated. Tibicenas states that it will take a few thousand years for Saahir to regain enough strength to return to the Djinn world. The Efreet grants the players' wish to strip Tibicenas of his powers which didn't effect his chaos magic. After fighting through the Lamias and Harpies, the players end up fighting Tibicenas. The players managed to defeat Tibicenas who explodes after that freeing Zahart from his control. Although Tibicenas was defeated, the players can fight his revenge shade called Ultra-Tibicenas.

While in the Chaos Realm, Drakath revives the chaos side of Tibicenas to fight the players.



NOTE: Every once in a while, Tibicenas will use an attack that effects up to six players, dealing massive damage to each player it hits and healing some of his health, and goes berserk when his HP drops below 5500. He is also immune to stun attacks.


NOTE: Same as Tibicenas except he steals life more often, petrifies every once in a while, and goes berserk once his HP drops below 20000. He is also immune to stun attacks.





  • His name comes from "Tibicena", a word used to describe mythological demons or genies of the Guanches, prehispanic inhabitants of the Canary Islands.
  • He looks like a Chaorrupted version of Jafar's genie form from Disney films "Aladdin" and "The Return of Jafar."
  • He is one of the second Chaos Lord bosses alongside Ultra-Tibicenas that was also built on Discordia, the first being Ledgermayne, meaning almost all of his animations are the same as Discordia, and not to mention he also gets the same screaming face as him upon defeat.
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