• Trainee:
      • Description:

"Every warrior has to prove his worth to me, before making them my apprentice. The training grounds in Noobshire have been invaded by Orcs! Go to Noobshire and take out their leader. Bring me back 3 Leaders Flags as proof of their defeat." (Item drops from Orc Trainer)

    • Items required: Orc Leader's Flag x3
    • Rewards: 100 gold, 100 xp

  • Endurance:
      • Description:

"Requires Warrior Class, Rank 2. All warriors need to be strong and gain great stamina to battle monsters non stop. Go into the River and battle with the Zardmen there until you feel your stamina grow. Bring me back at least 8 Zardmen spears as proof of your deed." (Item dropped from Zardman Fisher)

    • Rewards: 100 gold, 100 xp

  • Path of the Warrior:
      • Description:

"Requires Warrior Class, Rank 3. Your final task to begin the path of a warrior is to fight against all odds and be victorious. Go into the Marsh and fight Thrax Ironhide, he should be a very decent challenge. Bring me back his Ironhide's Helmet as proof of your victory"

    • Rewards: 200 gold, 200 xp

  • Warrior Spirit:
      • Description:

"Requires Warrior Class, Rank 5. You have proven yourself skilled, well done! We will need your help in the upcoming wars that threaten the world of Lore. Things are starting to stir in Bludrut Keep. It seems that the pressence of evil there is not a mere coincidence. We need to take out as many evil spirits as we can, before they have a chance to group themselves and pose a threat to our peaceful way of life. Kill 10 Earth spirits to maintain their numbers low and bring me back their essence." (Item dropped from Rattlebones)

    • Items required: Rock essence x10
    • Rewards: 200 gold, 200 xp
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