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The Hero's Lord of Chaos form in it's many forms.

The Hero is the main protagonist of AdventureQuest Worlds and can be customized by appearance and gender. The Hero is on a quest to defeat Drakath and the 13 Lords of Chaos.


Intro and The Shadowscythe Invasion

The Hero pulls their sword only to be struck by lightning and fall off the mountain. Once the Hero recovers Brentan comes to the Hero asking for help to save Princess Tara from the Dragon Bloodtooth. The Hero accepts and fights many obstacles in their way to defeat Bloodtooth. Afterwards Bloodtooth retreated so Artix and Robina helped the Hero get to Bloodtooth. Once the Hero gets to the top of the dragon, Princess Terra reveals that she is controling Bloodtooth so it becomes up to the Hero to free Bloodtooth from Princess Tara. Once Princess Tara gets defeated she reveals that she wanted to control Bloodtooth in order to save her father King Alteon from Sepulchure. Then both the Hero and Princess Tara escape Bloodtooth when he is about to crash.

The Hero then goes to Swordhaven to fight the rest of Sepulchure's army of undead. Once the Hero reaches the throne room they witness the battle between King Alteon and Sepulchure. In the middle of the battle Drakath interferes and damages both King Alteon and Sepulchure. Then Sepulchure taunts Drakath so Drakath rips out Sepulchure's heart and eventually kill him. Dakath notices Gravelyn (Sepulchure's daughter) so he blasts the Flying Fortress and the fortress comes crashing into the ground. This is how the fortress became known as Shadowfall. Drakath says that he will send his 13 Lords of Chaos to destroy lore and unlock chaos beasts and save The Hero and King Alteon's for last before he leaves.


After gaining the two Aliance leaders King Alteon and Empress Gravelyn's trust the Hero travels to Mobius. At Mobius The Hero meets Renn and Zio and tries to help either side (depending on if the hero is good or evil) protect the village from chaos. Once done the Hero travels to Otto and Anna's house where they give them the first part of the rubix cube. The Hero then helps the faeries save the Faerie Forest from sneevils as well as other monsters that inhabit it in exchange for the second peice of the Rubix cube. After that the Hero goes to  the Cornelius Ruins to retrieve the last pecieve of the Runix Cube with the help of a moglin named Anise. Once that's done the Hero makes the Rubix cube at Mobius, gets a disguise to get into the Tower of Relativity and fights their way through the tower to fight the Gargoyle. Afterwards the Hero confronts the 1st Lord of Chaos Escherion and tries to defeat him by throwing the rubix cube at him, this fails so Escherion blasts the Hero out of the tower and awakens the 1st chaos beast the Lake Hydra. After defeating the Lake Hydra the Hero re enters the Tower of Relativity and defeats Escherion by using their mirror as a shield which then deflects Escherion's spells against him and eventually turns him into a toad. 

Mirror Realm

One day the Hero needed help choosing to become evil and join the Shadowscythe or become good and join Swordhaven. The two twins Xing and Xang helped the hero with their morale dilema and afterwards the two twins were bored so they tried to advise Drakath. Drakath noticed that their good and evil advice brought order to Lore so he replaced Xang (the good twin) with an evil version of her. The evil twins became the official advisers of Drakath as well as the 2nd Lords of Chaos. Months later the Hero and Twig prepared for AdventureQuest Worlds' 2nd birthday when suddenly two interdimensional bards named Paul and Storm asked for help saving the multiverse. The hero agreed and the 3 traveled to the Mirror Realm where everything is the opposite of what it is in Lore. In Battleoff (the mirror version of the Hero's hometown Battleon) the Hero mistook Mirror Drakath to be a villian but in reality he is the mirror Realm's greatest hero. Drakath needed help freeing his friends the Order Lords from King Alteon the Imbalanced and since the Hero had no mirror counterpart they were the only one that could defeat King Alteon without being recognized. Mirror Alteon's plans were to combine the powers of the Order Lords in order to blow a hole into reality and send pure chaos into the world and if this were to suceed the Mirror Realm would be destroyed and so would Lore. The Hero was then sent to Mirror Warlic's Science Shop to form a plan to save the Lords of Order and it turns out that the hero needed 3 powerful magical items. The Hero first went to Lightovia to get the crown of Blood from Safiria the queen of the Werewolves. The queen only allowed the Hero to have the crown by proving themselves by defeating her in a battle and after her defeat the Hero retrieved the crown. The second item was the Platinum Feather which the hero got by defeating the Nugget Man and his chaotic chicken army. Undead Artix had the very last item which was the Shadowreaper of Doom. He is Mirror Alteon's greatest champion as well as the most powerful undead. Once defeated the Hero and Mirror Drakath threw all 3 items at the cage imprisoning the first seven Lords of Order (all counterparts of the first seven Lords of Chaos) and freed them from Mirror Alteon while King Alteon the Imbalanced escaped. Afterwards the Hero was congratulated for their rescue and went back to Lore to find the birthday cake was eaten by Twig.

Years later Drakath was trying to figure out how to spread more chaos to Lore with the help of his advisers, the chaos twins, when sudenly he was replaced by his mirror counterpart , Drakath the champion of Order. Evil Xang was angry at Mirror Drakath because she thought he would take her back to the Mirror Realm (the place she originally came from before she replaced Lore's Xang). Evil Xang's presence has brought an imbalance to the multiverse and mirror Drakath vowed to bring back her eventualy so both world would have a spirit of good and a spirit of evil to help people make their choices but until then he had another goal in mind. Drakath visited the Hero who was in Warlic's Magic Shop asking for help from Warlic and Crysero. He interupted the conversation to tell the Hero that they are in grave danger. Because the Hero has no reflection they can travel to both worlds freely but this has also caused an imbalance in the multiverse and if the Hero doesn't find anything to fix this imbalance soon the Hero could be eradicated by the multiverse to fix this imbalance. Drakath sent the hero to Battleoff to fix this imbalance. The Hero asked Mirror Warlic for help and he suggested to gather spare parts, batteries and a mana gem from evil moglins for a machine to help find a signature that matches the Hero. Once done they do find one but its a very faint and tiny one in Brightfall. The Hero traveled to Brightfall to find Empress Gravelyn the leader of the Lightscythe, who told the hero if they helped her defeat Evil Alteon's army that invaded Brightfall then she would help find this object that could help balance the Hero's presence. Once done they find that the signature is coming from a rock named the Monolith. Gravelyn broke the stone in half and found a dragon egg inside which hapens to be exactly what they were looking for. With balance coming back to the multiiverse Lore's Drakath needed to get it imbalanced again and the only way he could do this is by sending the chaos twins to the Mirror Realm to capture the egg.

The Hero and Mirror Drakath went to the Overworld to find Dage the Good and see if the egg was there. Turns out the celestial egg was there and the Hero need to fight through Mirror Alteon's forces that invaded the Overworld in order to get to the egg. Once the Hero was done battling through the Overworld they finally reached King Alteon the Imbalanced who had the egg and was vengeful about his defeat by the Hero. Evil Alteon revived Undead Artix and the hero had to battle him again in order to get the egg. After Undead Artix's defeat the Hero promised to send Undead Artix's helmet to Dage the Good so he could free his soul. In rage Evil Alteon charged at the Hero but was stopped by Mirror Gravelyn. The egg flew into Evil Xing's hands and right when they were about to get away mirror Drakath saved the egg and replaced Evil Xing with Good Xing. Mirror Drakath explained to the hero that they enjoyed having the Good Twins help the Lords of Order but both universes needed their respective twins in order to correct the imbalance in the universe. Good Xing tried to welcome Evil Xang home but Evil Xang threw the celestial egg through a chaos rift to Lore's Drakath. Lore's Drakath made a deal with Mirror Drakath stating that if they give Evil Xang back to Lore's Drakath then he would give back the celestial egg. Mirror Drakath rationaly excepted and the Hero went back to their world meanwhile Drakath said that he need the Hero to help him release chaos runes and everything went exactly as planned. The next thing to do was to release their chaos beast.

A month or two later the hero hung out at Yulgar's Inn talking to some clerics when sudenly they were transported back to the Mirror Realm and replaced by their counterpart the Celestial Egg. Mirror Drakath sent the Hero to Brightfall because the imbalance caused by the twins has increased drasticaly. Drakath can't send good Xang back to Lore because Lore's Drakath will block any attempt Mirror Drakath makes so if the Hero and Mirror Drakath's combine their strength then they might be able to restore balance again. The hero traveled to RedDeath Swamp (counterpart of GreenGaurd Forest) in order to get help from Bardolph the wizard. Bardolph was a ghost that needed to become solid again so he could help send Good Xang back home. Once th hero was finished grabbing all the ingredients for Bardolph to become solid again Bardolph helped Good Xing and Xang make their own mirror portal. Meanwhile evil Xing and Xang were making theirs too.A mishap happened and Good Xang's spirit transfered into Evil Xang's body and vice versa. Evil Xang of course felt betrayed of course but Lore's Drakath explained that since since Evil Xang was never from Lore Xing could not have released their chaos beast without the true othe half of her spirit (thats why it took so long for the chaos beast to get released). Evil Xing and Good Xang then formed to make the real 2nd Lord of Chaos Xiang (much to Good Xang's greif of course). Evil Xang was angry and felt betrayed by Lore's Drakath. Good Xing tried to make her sister feel better but Evil Xng but she broke the mirror out of anger. By restoring balance to both worlds the 2nd chaos beast the Chaos Harpy was relased in the process so it was up to The Hero to defeat it and restore balance. The Hero went back to Lore and used one of the broken mirror shards to comunicate with Mirror Drakath. Mirror Drakath helped the hero create shreikward potions to help with the Chaos Harpy's shreik. Deep in the Chaos Forest the hero finaly defeated the Chaos Harpy and then confronted Xiang. Evil Xiang was angry at the Hero for defeating her pet while Good Xiang wanted the hero to leave so her evil side wouldn't hurt the Hero. Xiang then had an argument with herself on rather or not to kill the Hero so the Hero had no choice but to defeat Xiang despite not wanting to hurt Good Xang. During the fight Evil Xiang tried her best to destroy the Hero while Good Xiang tried her best to heal and help the hero but in the end Xiang was defeated. The Hero told Drakath (who was secretly watching through a mirror) that he is going to break the rules by setting Xiang free. Good Xiang was happy about all the good she could do while Evil Xiang felt insulted. They both told the Hero they can't fight their destiny but they can choose which weapon to fight it.


The 3rd Lord of Chaos Vath took over Dwarfhold with the help of his dragon. The Hero went to the tavern in Pinewood Forest to help get to Dwarfhold. Snowbeard told the Hero if they get the gold Donna Charmer owes him then he will give the Hero his battleaxe which is a key to enter Dwarfhold. The Hero went to the Llama Farm to get the money from Donna but in order to get it they had to help her with chores. Once done the Hero went back to the tavern and gave Snowbeard his gold and then traveled on the mountain path to get to Dwarfhold. Once there Iron fist tried to help the Hero free dwarves from Vath's rule. After helping the dwarves the Hero gave Iron Fist weapons so that the dwarves can fight back and in exchange he told the Hero to go to Geopetal to help make a key in order to enter the Uppercity. Geopetal told the hero to defeat a beast known as Amadeus then she could finish makeing the key for them. Once done the Hero went to the Uppercity to find Jorxlol who wanted the Hero to turn invisible in order to spy on the Dragon Lord Vath. After gathering all the things needed to make the Hero invisible, the Hero went to Vath's keep in order to spy on him. By spying the Hero found out that Vath used his sword to control the dragon Stagalbite and is using the dwarves as slaves in order to help Drakath. The Hero then wen further in order to confront Vath but it turned out that Vath tricked them. Drakath warned Vath that a powerful hero might try to stop him from releasing the 3rd chaos beast Rock Roc but Snowbeard betrayed the Hero by telling Vath the Hero would come so he could get money. The Hero became imprisoned in the dwarfhold prison but fortunantly Jorxlol got the hero's weapons and gave it to to them so they could escape. Mick Guyver helped the hero blow a hole through the underground prison in order to let out the dwarves as they returnd to the Tavern Snowbeard revealed that he fakes his betrayel. The Hero went Vath's keep again to confront Vath. The Hero found a way to ride Vath's dragon Stagalbite and eventualy defeated Rock Roc. The hero then went up the Stagalbite Volcano in order to defeat Vath. The hero waas exausted so Vath let them catch their breath and then Vath told the Hero how little they stood a chance against both him and his dragon who he enslaved of course. The hero told Vath that the freed dwarves are winning against Vath army of Drow minions. Furious with rage Vath leaped up to try to kill the Hero so the dwarves could no just how hopeless their situation was. After the Hero defeated both Vath and Stagalbite the Hero boasted about they're amazing win was. Vath wanted to use his dragon amulet to control Stagalbite but the hero used Vath's sword to destroy the amulet. With the amulet destroyed Stagalbite Vath was no longer in control so Stagalbite caried him away and all dwarves were saved.


The Hero is invited to the Dragon Koi Tournament on Yokai Island only to find that the gaurd that he/she wasnt a particpant because he/she is not a native on the island. It turns out Princess Ai No Miko sent the Hero there because she was in danger and couldn't trust anyone else on the island. The legend was that a lowly fish would swim down a river and climb a waterfall and afterwards would become the legendary Yokai Dragon and to celebrate this the natives had a tournament based off this story every year. After defeating most of the people the Hero waited for the final opponent Ryoku to finish his ultimate attack for a week and then ,out of boredom, decided to just talk to Princess Miko while he/she waited. Princess Miko told a tale of why the Legendary Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade is so important. After her story was done the 4th Lord of Chaos Kitsune successfully stole the legendary blade so Princess Miko told the Hero the tournament was postponed until the blade is recovered and that he/she should meet her at her palace for an explanation. Kitsune use to be a peaceful anthropormorphic fox who helped the Emperor of the Island protect the people of the Island. Kitsune became paranoid when the Emperor extended his hospitality to outsiders. Kitsune became extremely angry and vowed to restore Yokai to become nice and secluded again. Drakath gave Kitsune chaos powers and convinced him the only way to save Yokai Island was to raise the forbiden Yokai O-Dokuro from the Rift of Time so the monster's power would convince the Emperor to bow down to Kitsune. The only way to do this was mindcontrol the Emperor so he could steal the Hanzemune blade and release Odokuro. The Princess knew there was something wrong with her father so she called upon the hero. Kitsune used the blade to release the 4th beast of chaos Odokoru on the rooftop of one of the buildings in the village and The hero defeated the beast. The Hanzamune blade was lodged in Odokoru's skull so the Hero had to use the weapon to seal the Time Rift so more Yokais dont come flying out of it. The Hero climbed up a waterfall of Yokais in order to close the rift meanwhile the princess realized that this adventure is the story she told earlier and that the hero is the Legendary Dragon. The hero closed the rift and fell a great distance and Kitsune retreived the fallen sword once again. During the battle between him and the Hero Kitsune revealed that he sees him and his Yokai minions as superior to humans. He disappeared to fool the Hero but the Hero randomly started swinging the Hanzamune blade hoping to eventualy hit Kitsune but ended up accidentally traping Kitsune in a Time Rift. The emperor was brought back to normal and Princess Miko thanked the Legendary Dragon (the Hero) for saving Yokai. Ryoku was almost finished with his move so he went up to the Hero but he/she sucker punched Ryoku and won the tournament and became the Dragon Koi Tournament Champion.


The Hero traveled to Darkovia and met Shadowslayer Z who told him/her a story about Wolfwing. Wolfwing was a normal human man until he was bitten by a werewolf and then bitten by Safiria. This turned him into a werewolf vampire hybrid called a Werepyre. Neither vampires or werewolves wanted anything to do with him so he became very lonely. This loneliness caused him to let Drakath manipulate him into becoming the 5th Lord of Chaos. Now he is creating an army of werepyres to get vengance on the werewolves and vampires and the Shadow slayer wants the Hero to kill him before its too late. After defeating a bunch of monsters the Hero went to Queen Safiria to get her and her vampires to ally with each other in order to defeat Wolfwing. She told the Hero that she cant worry about this when she has lycans attacking her home but the hero said that those lycans come from Wolfwing and not the Werewolf King and that this is all just a distraction. Safiria told the hero that he/she has her condolences but in terms of fighting Wolfwing, the Hero is on his/her own so the hero left to Lycan Ridge. When the Hero got there he/she found out that there was a fight to determine who will be the alpha of the werewolves. Constantin wanted to end this war against vampires so they could fight against the bigger threat, Wolfwing. The Werewolf King wanted to keep fighting the vampires to get more meat. They both fought each other and since Constantine won he became the new alpha in the pack. The new king of the werewolves got the Hero to do quests for him to earn his favor. Afterwards the Hero was went to the wargrounds to either help the werewolves or the vampires. Eventually at the end the Hero came across a sparkle faced vampire named Edvard. Edvard told the Hero that he promised his new master Wolfwing he would kill the Hero in order to get Chaos powers and that he would blame the werewolves in order to cause an even bigger war between the vampires and the werewolves. The Hero was disgusted by his actions and called him the worst kind of traitor before fighting the vampire. A little while later the hero explained to Safiria that when he/she defeated Edvard he turned into a bat and flew away never to come back again. Safiria was surprised that her greatest soldier would betray her like that and decided to thank Constantin but he wouldn't accept it and instead just wanted the prize so the war can be over. She reluctantly let the werewolves have the Valley of Death. Afterwards the hero convinced both sides to combine forces to defeat Wolfwing. The Shadowslayer Z interupted them and Safiria and Constantin thought she wanted to kill both sides while they're at their weakest. She did want to but she wanted to kill Wolfwing more and the only way to do that is if everyone combined forces. She then told them that Wolfwing planned to bite the dragon with both chaos and the Mystic Wolf Moon boosting his powers to create the 5th chaos beast called the Dracowerepyre. The Hero went into the chaos cave and with the Shadowslayer's help defeated the dracowerepyre and found a way to find Wolfwing. When the Hero went to Wolfwing he wondered why the hero wanted to kill him. The Hero was mad about the fact that Wolfwing was turning the citizens of Darkovia into monsters. He told the Hero that he was turning monsters into monsters and the only reason he is doing this is because both clans have been ignoring him for years and he just wants a clan of his own. He wants the wars to end and if everyone is in his clan then there will be no more war. He then attacked the hero so he/she could be the first member of his clan. After he's defeated the hero either tells Wolfwing to join him/her or tries to kill Wolfwing either way the Shadowslayer kills Wolfwing with an arrow. In the end there was a small sign of life at Wolfwings ashes.




Bloodtusk Ravine

The Span


Maximillian Lionfang is trying to search for a certain artifact called the Darkblood scroll. The Hero finds it for him per the king's request but then Lionfang attacks the player for being a fool to consort with evil, so Lionfang captures a lot of Good characters and puts them in the bottom of his Keep. The Hero, along with Gravelyn, goes in and frees everyone. Maximillian escapes and ends up in the Chaos Realm. Drakath turns Lionfang into a Chaos Lord, and gives him the Chaos Manticore as his Chaos Beast. Lionfang then attacks Falguard, searching for the Tears of the Mother to kill Drakath with it.

The Hero finds the Tears of the Mother first and wants to give it to Alteon but the king refuses and wants the hero to give it to Lionfang instead. The Hero defeats the Chaos Manticore and goes to the Storm Temple to defeat Chaos Lord Lionfang and with Drakath watching. Lionfang takes the Tears of the Mother and throws it at Drakath, but evaporates and strips everyone of Chaos powers in the region. Drakath goes away and the Storm Temple fades away.


Swordhaven's good king, King Alteon's chaoruption got worse and worse everyday since he got infected with chaos by Drakath during his fight with Sepulchure. He called forth the Hero and told him/her that he/she had to be the leader of Swordhaven while he was sick. He wanted to make sure his kingdom and family was safe no matter what happened to him and he also wanted the hero to talk to Denara in the Royal Archives to see the maps and defenses. The hero helped Denara with her researched and tracked down a sludge monster in the sewer. Meanwhile Lord Brentan proposed to King Alteon's older daughter, Princess Brittany all the while King Alteon was getting more and more chaorupted. Denara told the Hero that chaos minions have found a way to get into Swordhaven and he/she had to report to City Defence Commander Rufus to help defend the city. The Hero protected the city by defeating chaos monsters in the armory whille king Alteon was getting more and more chaorupted by the minute. After the hero defeated the Chaos General, King Alteon became a almost completely chaorupted. Meanwhile Brentan was reminiscing about King Alteon telling him how important the dragon statue in the middle of Swordhaven was to him and that if Brentan wanted to marry his daughter he has his blessings. He wanted his daughter Brittany to become the Queen of Swordhaven once he passed away and he wanted Brentan to guard her for him. Afterwards Brentan and King Alteon were having a conversation in the castle. Brentan was worried for King Alteon's health and him not to worry. Later King Alteon told the Hero to deliver invitations for the wedding. After the Hero was done the wedding preceded. Chaos monsters invaded the ceremony and right before Lord Brentan and Princess Brittany were about to say their I dos the justicar became chaorupted and left to cause chaos. After the Hero defeated the Justicar, King Alteon became fully chaorupted into the 12th Lord of Chaos. His 2 oldest daughters , Brittany and Victoria were surprised and saddened about his transformation. The Hero told Brittany to get her sisters out of the castle as soon as possible. King Alteon lifted Lord Brentan up and right before he was about to hurt him the Hero attacked King Alteon and he dropped Brentan. He then told the hero that he/she is too late. Brittany , angry at her father, screamed at him not to hurt the Hero. King Alteon caused alot of chaos lighting to strike Swordhaven causing Princess Tara to feel strange. Brittany demanded her father to stay away from Tara and told the Hero to protect Tara while she takes care of her father. King Alteon, mad with chaos, killed Brittany with a chaos beam while Brentan remorsed in the background. The hero told King Alteon , his/her friend and King, to fight his chaos in order to stop this madness. King Alteon temporarily gained his sanity enough to realise the horible thing he just did. The hero swore to King Alteon that Drakath and chaos will pay for this and King Alteon fled Swordhaven before he could hurt anyone else. Before he left he told the Hero to take care of his Kingdom by ending this. Victoria showed the Hero that the dragon statue has turned into the 12th chaos beast, the Chaos Dragon. The Chaos Dragon burnt down Swordhaven while King Alteon sat at his throne thinking about his past with the chaos within chaorupting his memories while waiting for the Hero. Lady Celestia sent the Hero to one of the rooftops of Swordhaven in order to defeat the dragon before it's too late. After defeating the dragon the Hero dropped into the throne room where King Alteon was waiting for him/her. the Hero wanted to find a cure for King Alteon's chaoruption but King Alteon told him/her no. He then told the Hero that chaos is in it's nature neither good or evil but shaped by Drakath it is being used for an extremely dark purpose. The Hero asked what would come out of the portal and Alteon told him that he doesn't know nor will he ever know. King Alteon then told the Hero that he doesnt have much time to live and once the time comes he wanted the Hero to make sure he would no longer harm anyone by killing him. He then left to the outskirts of Swordhaven where the Hero and him fought. After the battle the Hero fell on the floor. King Alteon told the Hero how proud he was of his city even though it is now destroyed and that his daughters would make things right again. Afterwards The Hero had no other choice but to reluctantly stab him by the King's request. The Hero felt extremely remorseful for the King's sacrifice and King Alteon told him/her he had one last request. He told the Hero that he/she can't save Swordhaven or the aliance because they are bound to fall apart. The Hero's number one (and only) priority should be defeating chaos and if all else fails turn to the Empress of the Shadowscythe Gravelyn because she is ... And before he could finish his sentence he died. The Hero then said that he/she would return the King's crown to the heirs and that the only thing to do next is to get to the heart of chaos. The Hero then vowed to make Drakath pay for what he has done.

Mount DoomSkull

After battling all the way to the top of Mount Doomskull, the hero of Battleon at last confronted Drakath and, enraged at him for all the pain and suffering that Chaos has caused to everyone up to that point, tried to make him pay for what he had done. Unfortunately, Drakath was too powerful, and was about to deal the final blow and defeat the hero, only for them to remind Drakath that he promised to reveal the identity of the 13th Lord of Chaos. Drakath agreed, and chose the Hero as the 13th Lord of Chaos, transforming them into one out of the 13th Lord's four choosable classes (Warrior, Mage, Rogue, and Healer). The hero and their chaos army then waged war on Lore and attacked and defeated Willow Creek. After defeating it he/she had Wolfwing help destroy it even more before leaving. Afterwards The Hero and his/her chaos army traveled to Doom Wood and burnt it down and destroyed the Lightguard Keep for good measure. The hero then went to Darkovia and manipulated a vampire solider into getting Queen Safiria suspicious of the lycans when she wanted to ally with them to defeat The Hero. The Hero then got the vampire solider to manipulate both the werewolves and the vampires into believing that the opposing side has allied with the Hero and Chaos. This caused Safria and Constantin to wage war against each other and because of this Safiria and all of the people she turned into vampires died (10 million vampires to be exact). The Hero was proud of this and decided to move on to the dragon lair. Gravelyn gathered up the Alliance army to help stall the Hero and his/her army in the dragon lair so Shadowfall can rise again. The hero went into the lair and unleashed the 13th chaos beast the Eternal Dragon of Time from it's egg . Mad with power, the Hero decided to summon the other 12 chaos beasts as well. Meanwhile Artix and Gravelyn both swore to King Alteon to keep what the hero truly is a secret until the right time but now they both think that it is finally time to reveal it to him/her. Back at the lair the Hero gained a god complex and decided to try to kill Drakath, become the next champion of chaos, and take over the world all the while cackling psychotically. Afterwards the Hero invaded his/her hometown Battleon. After conquering Battleon the Hero goes and confronts Drakath. Drakath is shocked to find out that the Hero has found their powers and then goes on to say that the Hero doesn't even know who the Hero really is. The Hero then replies saying that they are the 13th Lord and they and their Chaos Beast have done what no other could do. Drakath then reveals that the Hero is The Eternal Dragon of Time and when the Hero summoned the 13th beast they unlocked their full powers. He explains that when Galanoth slew the Hero in their dragon form the world was reborn and they wandered Lore not knowing who they were or how to get their powers. The Hero then transforms into the Eternal Dragon of Time and then remembers everything. Suddenly the Eternal Dragon of Time realizes Drakath is going to kill them. Drakath then grabs the dragon flies into the air and hurls them into the side of Mount Doomskull. Drakath then grabs the dragons heart and before destroying them tells him that the portal is completed by all 13 Chaos Beasts being summoned and the portal is opened by all 13 Chaos Lords being defeated. He then tells the Hero the story of how he became the Champion of Chaos. He then kills the Hero. The Chaos portal opens and a massive Chaos army rushes out. The Hero is transported to the Underworld and greeted by Death. The Hero wants to respawn but Death won't allow it saying that the Hero is dead dead. The Hero still looks for a way to escape and return to the land of the living. Meanwhile Gravelyn has raised her army and is attempting to raise back the flying Dracolich castle. The Hero runs into Nulgath in the Underworld who says that he can get the hero out of the Underworld if they sign a contract. The contract is actually an assassination order to kill Death. Gravelyn meanwhile does manage to raise the castle and flies to Mount Doomskull to attack Drakath. The Hero goes to battle Death and does destroy him. Gravelyn's army battles the Chaos army while she attempts to collide and destroy the Chaos portal. Chaos Dragonlords attack the Dracolich castle but are held back by Skyguard airships. Gravelyn almost reaches the portal but Drakath flies towards it and breaks it apart. Gravelyn furious and wanting revenge for Sepulchure's death, attacks Drakath but she is thrown over a cliff next to the portal. She dangles there.


  • The Female Hero is the fourth female Chaos Lord, the first being Xing and Xang who later became Xiang, the second being Kimberly and the third being Khasaanda.
  • The Good Hero is the third Swordhaven Chaos Lord with Maximillian Lionfang being the first and King Alteon being the second.
  • The Evil Hero is the first and only Shadowscythe Chaos Lord.
  • The Hero is the only playable Chaos Lord.
  • The Hero is the second Chaos Lord with a god complex with the first being Tibicenas.
    • However its revealed that The Hero is actually a God in human form without knowing.
  • There was a hint to who the 13th lord of chaos was when Drakath said "I'll leave you and the hero for the last" Since King Alteon was the 12th lord, it should follow that the Hero was the thirteenth.
  • The Hero is the first Chaos Lord who is also their own Chaos Beast considering that they are also The Eternal Dragon of Time.
  • Originally The Hero went straight to the Chaos Realm in order to fight Drakath and find out who the 13th Lord of Chaos is but that release was retconed in favor of going to Mount DoomSkull instead.
  • The Hero's chaos lord copy is slightly taller than the original.