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Early Life

Living in the Void, the Eternal Dragon of Time maintains time and order throughout the universe. Its heart, an hourglass filled with the sands of time. eventually the Dragon sacrificed itself to Galanoth in order to reset the timeline creating AdventureQuest Worlds.

The 13th Beast of Chaos

Eventually the Dragon is reborn as The Hero's Chaos Beast and that The Hero plans on using the Dragon to defeat Drakath.

The Hero

It is revealed to the Hero that they were the Eternal Dragon of Time, and after they sacrificed themself they were reborn as The Hero. As the Hero is shocked and stunned, Drakath takes his chance and attacks The Dragon, sending it flying through a mountain. Drakath then removed their Golden Orb, much similar to how he removes Sepulchure's Heart of Darkness. Because the Dragon doesn't die right away, Drakath begins to explain how he became the Champion of Chaos.


  • Considering that the Eternal Dragon of Time is also The Hero the Eternal Dragon of Time is the first Chaos Beast who is also a Chaos Lord.
    • If playing as a Female Hero the Eternal Dragon of Time is also considered as the 3rd female Chaos Beast.
  • The Eternal Dragon of Time is the second Chaos Beast who can speak with the first being Kathool Atchoo.