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The 13 Lords of Chaos refers to the period when Drakath and the 13 Chaos Lords raged and spread terror and pain over all of Lore. All creatures on Lore are inevitably corrupted by Chaos. It begins after the end of the Undead Invasion with the rise of each Chaos Lord. The Chaos Lords in turn invaded all over Lore, from Chiral Valley, Mirror Realm, Dwarfhold, Yokai, Darkovia, Mythsong, Arcangrove... All were devastated. After King Alteon became the 12th Lord of Chaos and personally killed his daughter, The Hero finally complied with his will to kill him and let him die. King Alteon's death, Swordhaven's fall is a great loss for all of Lore, the remaining descendants of King Alteon are Victoria, Brentan, and Tara, who must shoulder the responsibility of maintaining the kingdom. Until the final battle, The Hero is the 13th Lord of Chaos, he forgets himself and leads the most powerful Chaos force ever and destroys Lore, the place he loves so much and willing to sacrifice to protect. World War Lore destroyed almost all lands including Battleon. Finally Drakath revealed to The Hero his true identity as the god of the Universe - Eternal Dragon of Time, then killed The Hero. With Death's death, The Hero returned to the world and defeated Drakath, after that he gave up his powers to enter the Portal of Chaos. Drakath is defeated within the Realm of Chaos and the Queen of Monster has been raised, a new dark age of Lore continues.

Undead Invasion

Undead Invasion is the ultimate battle between Good and Evil since King Alteon ascended the throne. Its root cause stems from King Alteon and Sepulchure's past relationship. Before Sepulchure launched the attack, King Alteon sent a message to the entire population and mobilized the Heroes in all of Lore to side with Good and against Evil so that Sepulchure could not complete his ambition.

The Hero then goes to Swordhaven to fight the rest of Sepulchure's army of undead. Once the Hero reaches the throne room they witness the battle between King Alteon and Sepulchure. In the middle of the battle Drakath interferes and damages both King Alteon and Sepulchure. Then Sepulchure taunts Drakath so Drakath rips out Sepulchure's heart and eventually kill him. Dakath notices Gravelyn (Sepulchure's daughter) so he blasts the Flying Fortress and the fortress comes crashing into the ground. This is how the fortress became known as Shadowfall. Drakath says that he will send his 13 Lords of Chaos to destroy lore and unlock chaos beasts and save The Hero and King Alteon's for last before he leaves.

Chiral Valley

After gaining the two Aliance leaders King Alteon and Empress Gravelyn's trust the Hero travels to Mobius. At Mobius The Hero meets Renn and Zio and tries to help either side (depending on if the hero is good or evil) protect the village from chaos. Once done the Hero travels to Otto and Anna's house where they give them the first part of the rubix cube. The Hero then helps the faeries save the Faerie Forest from sneevils as well as other monsters that inhabit it in exchange for the second peice of the Rubix cube. After that the Hero goes to  the Cornelius Ruins to retrieve the last pecieve of the Runix Cube with the help of a moglin named Anise. Once that's done the Hero makes the Rubix cube at Mobius, gets a disguise to get into the Tower of Relativity and fights their way through the tower to fight the Gargoyle. Afterwards the Hero confronts the 1st Lord of Chaos Escherion and tries to defeat him by throwing the rubix cube at him, this fails so Escherion blasts the Hero out of the tower and awakens the 1st chaos beast the Lake Hydra. After defeating the Lake Hydra the Hero re enters the Tower of Relativity and defeats Escherion by using their mirror as a shield which then deflects Escherion's spells against him and eventually turns him into a frog.

Mirror Realm

The events related to the 2nd Lord of Chaos take place throughout the years from the defeat of Escherion to the defeat of the 12th Lord of Chaos. 2nd Lord of Chaos is very important to Lore, so Drakath secretly swapped one of Lore's Twins including Xing and Xang for good and evil with Mirror Realm's Xing and Xang, resulting in both Xing and Xang on Lore are both evil and Xing and Xang in Mirror Realm are both good. Xing Xang then acted as Drakath's advisor and almost Agent in the many events that followed. One of them is the fact that Drakath controlled two meteors to plunge down and destroy Battleon, fortunately all the Mages and Lore's heroes joined forces to teleport all of Battleon to the Greenguard Forest. Years later, Xing and Xang join hands to play a key role in helping Drakath steal the Celestial Egg in the Mirror Realm. Some time after the 12th Lord of Chaos was defeated, the war with the 2nd Lord of Chaos began as the imbalance between the two worlds was growing rapidly due to The Twin. Drakath then tricked Evil Xang into swap her with Good Xang in order to combine Good Xang with Evil Xing to create the real 2nd Lord of Chaos - Xiang. After much effort, The Hero defeated Xiang and he decided to let her go free. And finally everything has regained its inherent balance.


The 3rd Lord of Chaos Vath took over Dwarfhold with the help of his dragon. The Hero went to the tavern in Pinewood Forest to help get to Dwarfhold. Snowbeard told the Hero if they get the gold Donna Charmer owes him then he will give the Hero his battleaxe which is a key to enter Dwarfhold. The Hero went to the Llama Farm to get the money from Donna but in order to get it they had to help her with chores. Once done the Hero went back to the tavern and gave Snowbeard his gold and then traveled on the mountain path to get to Dwarfhold. Once there Iron fist tried to help the Hero free dwarves from Vath's rule. After helping the dwarves the Hero gave Iron Fist weapons so that the dwarves can fight back and in exchange he told the Hero to go to Geopetal to help make a key in order to enter the Uppercity. Geopetal told the hero to defeat a beast known as Amadeus then she could finish makeing the key for them. Once done the Hero went to the Uppercity to find Jorxlol who wanted the Hero to turn invisible in order to spy on the Dragon Lord Vath. After gathering all the things needed to make the Hero invisible, the Hero went to Vath's keep in order to spy on him. By spying the Hero found out that Vath used his sword to control the dragon Stagalbite and is using the dwarves as slaves in order to help Drakath. The Hero then wen further in order to confront Vath but it turned out that Vath tricked them. Drakath warned Vath that a powerful hero might try to stop him from releasing the 3rd chaos beast Rock Roc but Snowbeard betrayed the Hero by telling Vath the Hero would come so he could get money. The Hero became imprisoned in the dwarfhold prison but fortunantly Jorxlol got the hero's weapons and gave it to to them so they could escape. Mick Guyver helped the hero blow a hole through the underground prison in order to let out the dwarves as they returnd to the Tavern Snowbeard revealed that he fakes his betrayel. The Hero went Vath's keep again to confront Vath. The Hero found a way to ride Vath's dragon Stagalbite and eventualy defeated Rock Roc. The hero then went up the Stagalbite Volcano in order to defeat Vath. The hero waas exausted so Vath let them catch their breath and then Vath told the Hero how little they stood a chance against both him and his dragon who he enslaved of course. The hero told Vath that the freed dwarves are winning against Vath army of Drow minions. Furious with rage Vath leaped up to try to kill the Hero so the dwarves could no just how hopeless their situation was. After the Hero defeated both Vath and Stagalbite the Hero boasted about they're amazing win was. Vath wanted to use his dragon amulet to control Stagalbite but the hero used Vath's sword to destroy the amulet. With the amulet destroyed Stagalbite Vath was no longer in control so Stagalbite caried him away and all dwarves were saved.


The Hero is invited to the Dragon Koi Tournament on Yokai Island only to find that the gaurd that he/she wasnt a particpant because he/she is not a native on the island. It turns out Princess Ai No Miko sent the Hero there because she was in danger and couldn't trust anyone else on the island. The legend was that a lowly fish would swim down a river and climb a waterfall and afterwards would become the legendary Yokai Dragon and to celebrate this the natives had a tournament based off this story every year. After defeating most of the people the Hero waited for the final opponent Ryoku to finish his ultimate attack for a week and then ,out of boredom, decided to just talk to Princess Miko while he/she waited. Princess Miko told a tale of why the Legendary Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade is so important. After her story was done the 4th Lord of Chaos Kitsune successfully stole the legendary blade so Princess Miko told the Hero the tournament was postponed until the blade is recovered and that he/she should meet her at her palace for an explanation. Kitsune use to be a peaceful anthropormorphic fox who helped the Emperor of the Island protect the people of the Island. Kitsune became paranoid when the Emperor extended his hospitality to outsiders. Kitsune became extremely angry and vowed to restore Yokai to become nice and secluded again. Drakath gave Kitsune chaos powers and convinced him the only way to save Yokai Island was to raise the forbiden Yokai O-Dokuro from the Rift of Time so the monster's power would convince the Emperor to bow down to Kitsune. The only way to do this was mindcontrol the Emperor so he could steal the Hanzemune blade and release Odokuro. The Princess knew there was something wrong with her father so she called upon the hero. Kitsune used the blade to release the 4th beast of chaos Odokoru on the rooftop of one of the buildings in the village and The hero defeated the beast. The Hanzamune blade was lodged in Odokoru's skull so the Hero had to use the weapon to seal the Time Rift so more Yokais dont come flying out of it. The Hero climbed up a waterfall of Yokais in order to close the rift meanwhile the princess realized that this adventure is the story she told earlier and that the hero is the Legendary Dragon. The hero closed the rift and fell a great distance and Kitsune retreived the fallen sword once again. During the battle between him and the Hero Kitsune revealed that he sees him and his Yokai minions as superior to humans. He disappeared to fool the Hero but the Hero randomly started swinging the Hanzamune blade hoping to eventualy hit Kitsune but ended up accidentally traping Kitsune in a Time Rift. The emperor was brought back to normal and Princess Miko thanked the Legendary Dragon (the Hero) for saving Yokai. Ryoku was almost finished with his move so he went up to the Hero but he/she sucker punched Ryoku and won the tournament and became the Dragon Koi Tournament Champion.


The Hero traveled to Darkovia and met Shadowslayer Z who told him a story about Wolfwing. Wolfwing was a normal human man until he was bitten by a werewolf and then bitten by Safiria. This turned him into a werewolf vampire hybrid called a Werepyre. Neither vampires or werewolves wanted anything to do with him so he became very lonely. This loneliness caused him to let Drakath manipulate him into becoming the 5th Lord of Chaos. Now he is creating an army of werepyres to get vengance on the werewolves and vampires and the Shadow slayer wants the Hero to kill him before its too late. After defeating a bunch of monsters the Hero went to Queen Safiria to get her and her vampires to ally with each other in order to defeat Wolfwing. She told the Hero that she cant worry about this when she has lycans attacking her home but the hero said that those lycans come from Wolfwing and not the Werewolf King and that this is all just a distraction. Safiria told the hero that he has her condolences but in terms of fighting Wolfwing, the Hero is on his own so the hero left to Lycan Ridge. When the Hero got there he found out that there was a fight to determine who will be the alpha of the werewolves. Constantin wanted to end this war against vampires so they could fight against the bigger threat, Wolfwing. The Werewolf King wanted to keep fighting the vampires to get more meat. They both fought each other and since Constantine won he became the new alpha in the pack. The new king of the werewolves got the Hero to do quests for him to earn his favor. Afterwards the Hero was went to the wargrounds to either help the werewolves or the vampires. Eventually at the end the Hero came across a sparkle faced vampire named Edvard. Edvard told the Hero that he promised his new master Wolfwing he would kill the Hero in order to get Chaos powers and that he would blame the werewolves in order to cause an even bigger war between the vampires and the werewolves. The Hero was disgusted by his actions and called him the worst kind of traitor before fighting the vampire. A little while later the hero explained to Safiria that when he defeated Edvard he turned into a bat and flew away never to come back again. Safiria was surprised that her greatest soldier would betray her like that and decided to thank Constantin but he wouldn't accept it and instead just wanted the prize so the war can be over. She reluctantly let the werewolves have the Valley of Death. Afterwards the hero convinced both sides to combine forces to defeat Wolfwing. The Shadowslayer Z interupted them and Safiria and Constantin thought she wanted to kill both sides while they're at their weakest. She did want to but she wanted to kill Wolfwing more and the only way to do that is if everyone combined forces. She then told them that Wolfwing planned to bite the dragon with both chaos and the Mystic Wolf Moon boosting his powers to create the 5th chaos beast called the Dracowerepyre. The Hero went into the chaos cave and with the Shadowslayer's help defeated the dracowerepyre and found a way to find Wolfwing. When the Hero went to Wolfwing he wondered why the hero wanted to kill him. The Hero was mad about the fact that Wolfwing was turning the citizens of Darkovia into monsters. He told the Hero that he was turning monsters into monsters and the only reason he is doing this is because both clans have been ignoring him for years and he just wants a clan of his own. He wants the wars to end and if everyone is in his clan then there will be no more war. He then attacked the hero so he could be the first member of his clan. After he's defeated the hero either tells Wolfwing to join him or tries to kill Wolfwing either way the Shadowslayer kills Wolfwing with an arrow. In the end there was a small sign of life at Wolfwings ashes.


After The Hero defeated Lord Ovthedacne, he realized he had been tricked by The Great Godfather of Soul and then Lord Ovthedacne taught The Hero how to dance so that he won the dance competition. After defeating Faust, The Hero and Don Giovanni burned the contract to learn about Chaos Lord Discordia they discovered Discordia accepted Drakath's offer and became Chaos Lord. Mozzy says that Discordia is heading to Loresotkcapalooza to awaken his Chaos Beast. They later found out Kimberly was the real Chaos Lord and she tricked everyone. The Hero defeated Chaos Beast - Pony Gary Yellow, then defeated Kimberly and her orchestra. Kimberly regained consciousness and joined The Hero in a concert in Mythsong.