AdventureQuest Worlds Wiki


This template is used for Armors, Helms, Capes, etc.


Here is an explanation of what should go into each field.

 |Image=       Name of the image of the weapon, if any
 |Type=        Armor,Cape,Helm.
 |Level=       Level required to use //Number e.g. 11
 |RepRequired= Reputation required to buy, e.g. Swordhaven Rank 8
 |Element=     Light/Dark/Fire/Water/Metal/None
 |Modifiers=   Ability modifiers
 |Desc=        Item in-game description
 |Location=    Where it is found in the game
 |Buy=         Cost to buy it
 |Sell=        Gold Received from selling it 
 |Notes=       Anything special like animation, special ability, etc..