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Queen Tara Alteon the Just




The Just


King Alteon, father (Deceased)
Lynaria Alteon, mother (Deceased)
Brittany, sister (Deceased)
Victoria, sister
Gravelyn, half-sister
Brentan, brother-in-law



"Daddy is gone. Momma's been gone. And now Brit's gone, too. There's only Victoria and Brentan left… and what do THEY know about revenge? They'll stay here and play with blocks and buildings. Daddy wanted to fight Chaos, and I WILL make sure we do!"
— Tara, after the deaths of her father and elder sister.

Princess Tara is a character in AdventureQuest Worlds.


Princess Tara is the youngest daughter of King Alteon and Queen Lynaria Alteon, the younger sister of Princess Brittany and Victoria, and the half-sister of Gravelyn (who Lynaria Alteon gave birth to through Sepulchure). She was tired of her father giving her ponies until Zorbak gave her the Ring of Dragon Control which enabled her to control any dragon. A small catch to the device was that the ring was possessed by the spirit of the dragon Gorgok, causing Princess Tara to lose control of the Ancient Dread Dragon. The Hero met Artix and Robina (an alias of Victoria) where they helped them destroy the Ring of Dragon Control and rescue the Princess.

Princess Tara was present with the Royal Family when it came to the Harvest Festival. Their banquet was crashed when Xing and Xang took control of the guards to crash the banquet out of jealousy. At the festival, she was heard mentioning that nobody will tell her about her mother.

When King Alteon and Princess Brittany were killed, Tara plans to help Victoria and Brentan get their revenge on the forces of Chaos.