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wiki needs this

One of the biggest thing this wiki is missing is an auto complete feature in the search bar that searches for pages. This is an absolute must on this kind of wiki though it may be a limitation of the host idk but it realy needs to be there.

ok after a quite a bit of research (and dling wikimedia) i found the fix! you must add the fallowing to LocalSettings.php

This wiki needs to restore the clans template.

$wgEnableMWSuggest = true; Sychris 01:55, 10 September 2010 (UTC)

Contents Pages Improvement

  • I think that you Moderators should take picture of the weapons or armours that only moderators have and put it on the weapons or armour category:)
  • I think it would be good to have pictures of the armours, weopons etc in the contents page.
  • I hope I doing this where im meant to but add a weapon of the day??
  • PLEASE put another picture for the Shaman Class and put pictures for the skills.
  • Please update the staff only/unreleased armors page with nythera's dragon-mage armor.
  • weapon of the day and/or item of the day is great idea whoever put it there!

*well i think this wiki is pretty good but it does need some touch up here and there plus a little new tools like u can get to places easyer and have a sorter like u can well lets here's a example u goto the weapons catagory and u should add that u can coose mem only weps non mem only weps ac's only weps

Wiki Lyrics

I think it would be usefull to the wiki to have an "AQW Lyrics/Music" page for the songs played on AQW. Such as Paul and Storms songs- Cruel cruel moon, the chicken man song. Even songs about AQW as additions from players; for example the fesitve "Randolph the Red-nose Reinzard" frostval carol that my sister invented.

well it would also help iff u had a sorter like mem only weps and non mem only capes

I belive the clans template should be restored so future clans may post there clans for all to see. plus I have a clan that i would like to post here

Player Help

I suggest a page on this wiki where players can post if they need help (e.g. leveling/ranking up, completing a quest)


There is no such wiki page yet, but you can find a "Discuss AQW" button in the lower right corner of your screen.
If you can not find this, the link takes you to LoreForum.
- SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 16:26, 19 January 2011 (EST) You may also look at the guides page for hints and walkthroughs

Project - The Village Idiot

  • If their is any page on the site which needs to be updated please list it here. Only 10 pages at a time.

--Sysop Village Idiot 22:36, 28 January 2012 (EST)

Npc and Quests not here....

Missing Npc David J6's cousin and the quests that go with him.

More subtopics need

We need more subtopics such as:

  • Enchantments - Where all the information about enchantments go
  • Achievements - We need a place where we can record Character page badges and book of lore badges

-Delta Dream

Shop icon

I suggest that the wiki puts a shop icon at the left pane so its easier to access

We need even definite details!

Anyone here AQWorlds Member? Since you Members are the only ones who can access the Member only things, ie. quests and areas that are Member only, you therefore have to fill up any pages that haven't exist yet! (Same thing to non-Members as well, we need to fill up the not yet filled pages)