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Vath's pet chaorupted dragon. Vath controls him with his chaorupted Dragon Amulet and the Legendary Sword of Dragon Control. The Hero (you) steal Vath's Dragon Amulet to control him and defeat the Rock Roc. After he is freed from Vath's control, he carries Vath away. Both of their fates are unknown.
Location Info
Level Required:
Location: Stalagbite
Exits to: Roc
Shops and NPCs
Shops: none
NPCs: none
Quests & Monsters
Quests: none
Monsters: none

*Vath has stated that he cannot control Stalagbite without the Legendary Sword of Dragon Control, even with the Chaos Dragon Amulet.

*Stalagbite's name is a pun on the words "stalagtite" and "stalagmite".

*It Drops a Stalagbite Pet

*It was once believed that Stalagbite was a Chaos Beast, however this was later contradicted.

*when stunned,he loses the spikes on his head,so he appears to be a purple varient of the red dragon.This is just like the ungrateful dead,who,when stunned,lose their bandana,so appear to be undead generals with tie-dyed shirts.