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Description: A minigame.

Blizzy's Introduction and how to use Snowball Fight Arena:


  • Description: "Welcome to Blizzy's playground. This is how I have fun during the cold winter days here in Frostvale. With a good, clean and fun Snow Fight! I have setup a couple of things here for you to have fun. If you have a question come to me and i will help you. Thanks again for saving Frostvale and have Fun!"

How to use:

  • Throwing: "To throw snowballs just aim and push Ctrl in your keyboard! To construct a good snowball takes time so be patient if you can't throw one snowball after the other. Snowballs this big sure hit hard so be careful and step away if you see one if you get hit you'll end up in the floor with stars over you. If you hit a player with your snowball you will had BattleOwnd that player!"
  • Blocking: "I set up Forts to aid you in the snow fight! To block from incoming snowballs you can go being the impenetrable Fort and there is not a single snowball that can reach you. The forts aren't completely bullet proof so be careful when somebody hits the target close to the fort..."
  • Targets: "Silly Blizzy put up practice targets... he he he. I put up targets embedded with snow magic. Hit one of this targets and you will send a cloud of snowballs on top of the players sitting behind a snow fort... he he he. See, the forts aren't completely snowball proof."