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Description: "Foolish adventurer! Though you have ventured this far in search of the fabled Bludrut Sword, I fear you will go no further. A fierce Evil Elemental lurks these halls, and his minions lie in wait to strike from the shadows themselves. Abadon your foolish quest now and leave this Keep, before you end up cursed to wander its halls forever"


  • Dark Endurance:
    • Description:

"The fact that you have delved this deep into Bludrut Keep speaks much of your abilities. You may be the hero I have been waiting for all these years. Are you the one who can finally free me from this terrible curse? On this level dweel the Wicked Witchs and Shadow Serpents, who serve the Dark Elemental that rules this part of the dungeon. If you can prove yourself by slaying 40 of their number, I will unlock the door which stands between you and this Dark monstrosity. (Bring back 40 Dark Essences to complete this quest)"

    • Items required: 40 Dark Essence
    • Rewards: 140 gold, 140 xp
  • Heart of Darkness:
    • Description:

"As I lay defeated at the feet of the Evil Elemental, I could not help but notice the pulsing glow from the bracelet dangling from his wrist. I can only surmise that this bracelet is the source of his dark power. If you can return to me with the bracelet, I am sure I can use its power to free my soul from its eternal imprisonment within this accursed Keep. (Bring back the Dark Bracelet to complete this quest)"

    • Items required: 1 Dark Bracelet
    • Rewards: 200 gold, 200 xp
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