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Leader of the Shadowscythe
Doom Knight
Knight of Swordhaven (Formerly)


Queen Lynaria Alteon,former lover (Deceased)
Gravelyn, daughter



— Sepulchure during the battle with King Alteon.
— Sepulchure's quotes before collapsing.

Sepulchure was a cursed Doom Knight and the leader of the Shadowscythe, the main force of evil within Lore. Once, he was King Alteon's greatest Knight, and was known as Valen, and while it is unknown what terrible events transpired, it is known that Sepulchure was no longer human. It is said that now, only Darkness is his master. Sepulchure commanded every major villain along with his unstoppable force of undead abominations to rid the world of the living and engulf the world in the void of endless darkness. Sepulchure kept the existence of his daughter secret, so no one outside his giant undead flying fortress knew about her.


Valen is a squire who is the ally of Alden and Lynaria Alteon where they fought against the forces of Dethrix Drakath. Following one of the victories against Dethrix Drakath's forces and the securing of a Doom Knight Armor that is to be used for the next Champion of Darkness in the Guardian Tower, Valen was present when King Alteon got married to Lynaria. The wedding was crashed by Dethrix Drakath who made off with Lynaria. When King Alteon ordered Valen to head to Highwick, Valen went to Ebonslate Fortress instead since Lynaria would die if he went to Highwick. Valen fought his way past the Ebonslate Guards, Ebonslate Knights, Lycan Brutes, Mind Con-Trolls, and Sp-Eyes. After besting the Ebonslate Bruiser, Valen engaged Dethrix to free Lynaria only to be badly beaten by Dethrix.

His life was saved by the Mysterious Stranger who offered him to serve the darkness. Climbing the Guardian Tower where the Doom Knight Armor is, Valen was forced to slay the Guardian Knights, Guardian Garen, Guardian Selby and Guardian Bolton in order to claim the Doom Knight Armor. Once he dons it, Valen is bonded to the armor as he turns the slain Guardians into the Undead as he returns to Ebonslate Fortress. While traversing through the dungeon, Valen fought past the Ebonslate Imps, Ebon Dungeon Guards, and Elite Dungeon Guards when looking for Lynaria. When he finds Lynaria, Valen is confronted by Dethrix Drakath. This time, Valen defeats Dethrix where he even stabs him and rips out his heart. Lynaria was horrified at what he became.

Back at Swordhaven, King Alteon was angered that his former friend disobeyed his orders and killed some of the Guardians in order to steal the Doom Knight Armor. After casting this altered form of Valen who he called a "sepulcher" out of Swordhaven, Valen took up the name of Sepulchure and fought King Alteon. Upon being defeated, King Alteon summoned his dragon ally, Corvak, causing Sepulchure to summon his dragon ally. When Sepulchure's dragon defeats Corvak, Lynaria calls her dragon ally, Victorious, causing Sepulchure to take the Doomblade's advice to drag Lynaria and Victorious to the Plane of Darkness where they would be at their weakest. Sepulchure slays Guardian Knights, Light Spirits, and Shadow Beasts to get to Lynaria and Victorious. After Sepulchure slays Victorious, they all are returned to the outskirts of Swordhaven as Lynaria mourns Victorious' death. Sepulchure then escapes by turning Victorious into a Dracolich.

From there, Sepulchure built his fortress on the back of Victorious' Dracolich form. He went to Doomwood and enlisted Noxus to help build his fortress. Sepulchure gathered everything he needed by slaying the Doomwood Treeants, Sanguine Souleaters, and Slimeskulls. When the Lightguard found out about the plan when visited by Lynaria, Sepulchure had to buy Noxus some time by fighting the Lightguard Casters, Lightguard Paladins, and Lightguard Wolves. Thanks to a disguise by Noxus, Sepulchure got into their camp to look for their war machine that would hinder the construction of the fortress. After besting General Goldhammer, Sepulchure is trapped in a light spell by Sigrid Sunshine on Lynaria's behalf. After breaking free, Sepulchure made his way back to Noxus and fought an army of Citadel Crusaders, Lightguard Casters, and Lightguard Paladins. After besting the Lightguard Engine, Sepulchure and Noxus boarded the Dracolich as it takes off. Sigrid enlisted some griffin-riding Paladins to follow them as Lynaria secretly gives the orders to get her a griffin. Upon defeating the Citadel Crusaders, Lightguard Paladins, and Scorching Flames, Sepulchure faced off against Sigrid on her griffin. Even though Sepulchure defeated her, Sigrid tried to kill him to no avail. Lynaria caught up with them and sends Sigrid back to the ground to let Alteon know that she will be away for awhile.

At some point, Sepulchure and Noxus targeted the home town of the Shadowborn that the Mysterious Stranger forewarned would replace Sepulchure as the Champion of Darkness. When this was done, it was revealed that this Shadowborn was Artix who was taken in by Lady Celestia and the Paladin Order.

Sepulchure later blamed King Alteon for what happened to Lynaria, who secretly helped Sepulchure to father Gravelyn.

After Sepulchure's heart gets crushed by Mirror Drakath

During Friday the 13th, he decided to end the war that had plagued the forces of good and evil by surrounding the city of Swordhaven. He fought his way to the king's throne room with his loyal minion, Chuckles, to finally confront the king and end the war. He and the king fought but both seemed evenly matched. As each side was ready to deliver the other a finishing blow, a winged figure descended and interrupted the duel. The figure revealed himself to be Drakath, an old underling of his. Drakath then raised his sword and defeated Sepulchure and King Alteon, covering them in chaos. Sepulchure conversed with Drakath about the unlikelihood of his defeat at Drakath's hands, and was then killed by the once ally. His armor collapsed and what little that remained of him erupted into the sky. Drakath heard Gravelyn's cry from the flying fortress above and shot it down, where it then crashed into the side of a mountain.

It is later revealed that Sepulchure was taught about necromancy by Noxus, who created Sepulchure's army.

When Gravelyn is later captured by Chaos Vordred and Sally claims the Noxus Head Staff as Noxus orders Chaos Vordred to kill the heroes, Gravelyn's last words were her wishing that her father was here. The tomb of Queen Lynaria Alteon grants her wish and revives Sepulchure. When Noxus orders Chaos Vordred to stand down, Chaos Vordred goes on the attack only to be easily destroyed by Sepulchure as Sally and Noxus bow before Sepulchure. Gravelyn detects that the Sepulchure present isn't the real Sepulchure. The tomb of Queen Lynaria Alteon states that Sepulchure was killed by Mirror Drakath where there is no coming back from death. Mirror Drakath ends up warping reality to make it look like the Sepulchure has returned from the dead.

During the fight with Tyndarius, Gravelyn attempted to fuse a part of her father Sepulchure's soul to Akriloth to form Sepulchuroth. Though the players and Gravelyn see that Sepulchure's soul and Akriloth are having a disagreement causing Sepulchuroth to attack. Thanks to the Queen of Monsters, the fusion was undone causing Akriloth to fly off and part of Sepulchure's soul to go into Gravelyn's Doomblade.

AdventureQuest Worlds: Zombies

In the alternate timeline caused by Mirror Drakath, the players come in during the battle between King Alteon and Sepulchure to warn them about Mirror Drakath. When Mirror Drakath doesn't show up, Sepulchure takes the opportunity to attack the player only for King Alteon to take the hit. Sepulchure's Doom Blade states that King Alteon isn't the Champion of Light as the Champion of Light's death is needed to open the portal to the Plane of Darkness. When Death arrives to claim King Alteon's soul, he states to Sepulchure that he will come for him one day. Sepulchure retaliates by killing Death causing the recently departed to return as Zombies that obey Sepulchure's every command. The players escape from the palace as Noxus, Dage the Evil, and Nulgath join Zombie King Alteon into bowing before him. Sepulchure doesn't find his daughter in his fortress as the Doom Blade states that she is the true Champion of Light (which explained why Gravelyn isn't undead like her father and how she lit up enough to hurt a Ghoul). This causes Sepulchure to prepare his flying fortress to go storm Battleon and target his own daughter.

Sepulchure shows up to challenge Gravelyn as an army of Angry Zombies and Zombie Dragons attack. As the battle rages on, the players and Artix try to stop Sepulchure as Sepulchure tries to get Artix to use his darkness powers. Sepulchure manages to do an attack on Artix and then blasts the players into Yulgar's Inn where they end up fighting Cyzerombie, Zombie Alina, Zombie Galanoth, Zombie Warlic, and Zombie Rolith. After defeating Zombie King Alteon, the players see Sepulchure about to deal the final blow to Gravelyn. Sepulchure finds himself unable to kill his own daughter. Just then, Mirror Drakath appears and strikes at Gravelyn only for Sepulchure to take the hit. Gravelyn unleashes her full light powers to drive away Mirror Drakath. The Doom Blade then takes control of Sepulchure's body transforming it into Dark Sepulchure in order to finish the job. The players end up fighting Dark Sepulchure and managed to defeat him. Artix tells the players that a shadow creature can only be slain by the Blinding Light of Destiny as Dark Sepulchure gets up behind them. Gravelyn leaves her fight with Mirror Drakath and grabs the Doom Blade which she purifies into a weapon that destroys Dark Sepulchure and restores reality back to normal.


  • In the Evil quest Chaorrupted, it is shown that his armor has been corrupted by chaos and is being controlled by it, and so the player must defeat his Chaorrupted Armor in order to finish the quest.
  • The name "Sepulchure" sprouts from the word "sepulchre" which is a burial chamber.
  • Sepulchure previously drops the Necrotic Sword Of Doom with a 0.5% chance after the item is released.
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