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Seed Spitter is a monster in AdventureQuest Worlds.


The Seed Spitter are plant monsters of magic that grow in magical places like Arcangrove. They have multi-parasite relationships with other plants like deadly nightshade, paladaffodils, pansies, snapdrakes, blood lilies, jagged cherries, and shard cabbages. The Seed Spitter can attack by spitting out seeds at high velocities, using their vines as whips, and using their vines to bite their enemies.

Seed Spitters are common targets for alchemists and wizards. Alchemists use the unique qualities and features of the Seed Spitters to produce their own potions like Sparrow Blood Potion and Viper's Blood Potion.

It should be noted that Seed Spitters have been known to eat a whole human. This was first reported when a garden mage named Seymour grew a Seed Spitter called Audrey from a small seedling and hoped to harness it's powers. Audrey was thought to have turned on Seymour and ate him as Seymour hasn't been seen since.


  • Location: Tower of Magic
  • Level: 35
  • HP: 1,643
  • MP: 100


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