Level 1

Conveniently located in the middle of a barren desert, the rusty spittons Saloon offers travelers refreshing Raspberry Smoothies and Honky Tonk jams.


  • J6 Monster x1
  • Trash Can x4


  • Annie Star
  • Black Boles
  • Charlie Morning
  • Henry Bonney
  • J6
  • Lord Keystone
  • Robert Parker
  • William Pickett


  • Alina Wedding Rares

Map Name: Saloon

Room Limits: 12

Access Points: 

  • /join Saloon
  • J6's Hideout Map - Click on the map and select the coordinates (342Y, 199X)
  • Map of Lore - (After finishing Zephyrus)

Note: You can only access Screen 9 by being J6's foe or answering the questions wrong.

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