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Sally is a character from AdventureQuest Worlds.


Sally is a young girl who was drawn to the Necropolis by the voice of Noxus where she learned the art of necromancy. Sally became the new Mistress of the Necropolis and the new Supreme Necromantress of the Tower of Necromancy. To repay Noxus, Sally brought him back to life as a Lich and Noxus returned to his position at the Necromancer University. Noxus and Sally found an ancient evil within the Necropolis and uses it's power to create Vordred.

The players first encounter her at the Necro Tower where she directs them to the Necromancer University. Later on, the players encounter Sally at the Necromancer University.

At the time when Noxus and Vordred storm Shadowfall, Sally contacts Noxus about ArcAttack being sighted in Doomwood and sends Vordred back to Doomwood. While Vordred was with ArcAttack, Sally had a slumber party with some undead.

After Daimyo helps to defeat Vordred, Sally is saddened at the loss of Noxus and Vordred. Drakath appears and gives Vordred's helmet to Sally as she would vow to revive him and make him bigger and stronger by re-opening the Necropolis.

Upon the players finding the tomb of Queen Lynaria Alteon and wondering how Lynaria's tomb got into the Necropolis, the players fall through the floor where they find Sally working on recreating Vordred. Sally activates a trap door which the players fall down as Sally states that Drakath gave her the power to reconstruct Vordred and that she is filling the Necropolis with neurotoxin nerve gas.

Sally succeeds in reviving Vordred as Chaos Vordred who has captured Gravelyn and the Noxus Head Staff falls into Sally's hands. When Gravelyn wishes that her father was here, the tomb of Queen Lynaria Alteon grants the wish which revives Sepulchure. When Noxus orders Chaos Vordred to stand down, Chaos Vordred goes on the attack only to be easily destroyed by Sepulchure as Sally and Noxus bow before Sepulchure.

After reality is restored upon the destruction of Dark Sepulchure, Sally and the Noxus Head Staff admit defeat and agree to help Gravelyn, Dage the Evil, and Nulgath in their fight against the forces of chaos. Gravelyn orders Sally to rebuild Vordred in order to use him in the final fight against Drakath. When Sally quotes "more skulls," Gravelyn tells her "more doom."

During the final battle against Drakath, Sally unleashed Vordred to help the players fight Drakath.


  • In live events, Sally is voiced by Kimberly Freeman (who also voiced her AdventureQuest Worlds counterpart).