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Safiria is the queen of the vampires. She has ruled in Darkovia for around 1,000 years.


Safiria played a part in the origin of Wolfwing by biting him after he was bitten by a werewolf.

At some point in her life, Safiria was challenged by Count Maxius for leader of the vampires. She defeated Count Maxius and the vampire elders banished him and his castle to the vampire part of the Underworld named Gehenna with his castle only appearing once in a blood moon.

When Drakath got Wolfwing on his side as a member of the 13 Lords of Chaos, the players had to unite the Vampires led by Safiria and the Werewolves led by Constantin into a truce to fight the forces of Wolfwing.

The players as the 13th Lord of Chaos tricked Safiria and Constantin into going to war with each other. This ended when one of Constantin's soldiers managed to kill Safiria causing those she has converted into vampires to also die.

Due to the death of Safiria, this later causes a power vacuum with the other vampire clans. The ones fighting to succeed Safiria are Baron Luca of the Nyx Aeterna Clan, Kurok Gravefang of the Abyssal Horde, Rapaxi of the Umbral Legion, and Safira's niece Lady Solani of Cor Mortis. The fights lasted until only Lady Solani and Baron Luca remained. With help from the players, Lady Solani won the fight and succeeded her aunt.

During the blood moon when Count Maxius has affected those who attended his party, the players encountered Safiria's ghost in Gehenna as she guides them into freeing Constantin from the mind-controlling music, freeing Kimberly Freeman from the stage death trap, freeing Voltaire from a machine that draws creatures from his imagination out, and freeing Bubble and the other Bubble from Count Maxius' mind control. With help from Safiria's ghost and their freed allies, the players fight past Count Maxius' minions and his Moglin butler Barnabus in order to stop Count Maxius from affording a sacrifice for his ritual that will keep his castle on Lore. After the players defeat Count Maxius twice which ends with Count Maxius sacrificing himself to begin the ritual. Safiria's ghost has plans to return to Lore as Constantin plans to keep an eye on her.

As Safiria begins her ritual, Constantin plans to stop this war to prevent Safiria's possible return as he tells Lady Solani about it. Constantin and his Midnight Assassin scout Saros lead their army of Lunar Blazebinders, Lycan Shamans, and Midnight Assassins against the BloodFang General Rayne and her army of Blood Guardians, Crypt Guardians, and Vampiric Knights. When the players defeat an enraged Constantin, Safiria returns from Gehenna as the ritual is complete and the blood moon sets. Lady Solani breaks up their dispute stating that they need both sides to deal with a common threat. While Safiria tells Lady Solani that she will hold her accountable if this truce fails, Constantin tells Lady Solani that they might regret Safiria's return.

The Mirror Realm

In the Mirror Realm, Safiria is the queen of the werewolves named Lycan Queen Safiria and has the Crown of Blood.

Due to the machinations of the Queen of Monsters, she has kept Lycan Queen Safiria alive in her lair after her counterpart was killed.

When Safiria was revived, the players and Gravelyn rescued Lycan Queen Safiria from the Shadow Void where she was held while besting the Fragment of Doom and returned her to the Mirror Realm.

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