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Rustbucket Male without hair/ears and green eyes.

Female Rustbucket with hair, blue eyes and Piston-Driven Polearm

Description: "Don't let the nickname fool you. It's not the prettiest armor, but it'll help you in battle."

How to Acquire: Created with armor Design rewarded by Tarvarya for completing her "ProtoSartorium Parts" Quest.

Note: Has the same skillset as Enforcer Armor and ProtoSartorium (Armor).


Auto Attack.png Auto-Attack. Default Skill. Continuous attack until player or monster is dead.

  • Costs: None.
  • Cooldown: None.

Rustbucket Jackhammer.png Jackhammer (Default skill). A rapid assault dealing 150% weapon damage, cannot be avoided but also cannot crit.

  • Costs: 6 MP.
  • Cooldown: 4 seconds.

Rustbucket Plasma Bolt.png Plasma Bolt (Rank 2). An energy-based ranged attack dealing 3 times your weapon's DPS.

  • Costs: 5 MP.
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds.

Rustbucket rank 4 attack edited.jpg Pulsewave (Rank 4) (NYI- single target). Emits a concentrated burst of electrical energy, damaging weapon damage all opponents in range.

  • Costs: 6 MP.
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds.

Rustbucket even thorizon.jpg Event Horizon (Rank 8) . Negates all attacks from monsters for 12 seconds.

  • Costs: 10 MP.

Passive Abilities

At rank 6, you will gain 5 MP every time you land a critical hit.

At rank 9, you will gain 1 MP every time you take damage.