AdventureQuest Worlds Wiki


The following rules are in effect throughout the wiki, abide by them!

1. Keep it appropriate - kids play AQW and this site is meant to be kid friendly.

2. Don't deface the wiki - this is a collection of knowledge that many have contributed to. If you are angry or want attention, take it elsewhere or you will likely not be coming back.

3. Limit the profanity - This is more so for Talk pages and personal User Pages. I don't want the profanity to get out of hand. Remember, kid friendly.

4. Dont Flame Others - If your angry at someone, or just flat out don't like them. Go punch a pillow for a while, but don't bring it onto this wiki.

5. Be Fair & Balanced - This is for the staff. A wiki staff member (SysOp, HoFO, or otherwise) may not use their privileges for the benefit of themselves or their clan.

6. Accounts - You may only have one wiki account, which cannot be shared with others. Anyone found sharing and/or having multiple accounts will be banned immediately without notice for an indefinite amount of time.

Failure to abide by these rules may result in indefinite account suspension. These rules may be modified at any time.

Clan Page Protection

This wiki has seen a prevalence in it's clan community, and also in clan vandalism. This is not the place for your drama. So I will be allowing the Clan leader's of the clan to protect their clan pages, so that only they or their select officers can edit them.

In order to apply for clan page protection your clan must have an established Clan page on the wiki under the Clan: namespace. Your clan must also have at least 10 members. The clan leader will be designated as the only person who may edit a clan page while it is protected. For every additional 10 members that the clan posses, the leader may select an additional member who they wish to allow the ability to edit the clan page.

It should be noted, that should any Clan Page Editor decide to disobey the wiki rules, or vandalize another clan's page. The consequences to these actions may be more severe, given the users elevated position.

Any requests for clan page protection should for now be posted on this page. Leave a link to your clan page, and who (if anyone else) you wish to make a clan editor. Also leave your signature four "~~~~" to make it easier to identify who you are.

==Editing Rules==
*If an item or quest is no longer available please label it as rare or use strike-through appropriately. Do not clear the page or label the page to be deleted.