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The Rock Roc

The Rock Roc is a monster in AdventureQuest Worlds.


The Rock Roc is the third Chaos Beast. It a legendary flying rock creature that was thought to be extinct. It's egg was in Dwarfhold Mountains until it was hatched by Vath using Chaos Gemeralds.

The players stole the Chaos Dragon Amulet and uses it to take control of Stalagbite in order to fight the Rock Roc. After the player uses Stalagbite to ground the Rock Roc, Vath uses his Legendary Sword of Dragon Control to retake control of Stalagbite and throws the player down. Then the player faces the Rock Roc on the ground and defeats it.


  • Level: 15
  • HP: (Before ver. 1.0) 20000, (Ver. 1.0) 20249
  • MP: (Before ver. 1.0) 30, (Ver. 1.0) 100
  • Location: Roc (Area) in Dwarfhold


  • Mini Rock Roc -- Member Only --