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AQW's first Dragon.

KazarSanaga standing beside the Red Dragon for size comparison.

The Red Dragon is a species of dragon that is found in AdventureQuest Worlds.


The Red Dragon is the epitome of ferocity and is the most sought-out prizes across Lore. Red Dragons are naturally aggressive and hostile towards anyone that trespasses in their territory except in cases in which the trespasser is stronger than them. When Red Dragons reach adulthood, they become solitary except when it comes gathering in groups every 700 years to mate and procreate. This is called a Renascentia which lasts for 10 days. Once the Renascentia is complete, the Red Dragons return to their territories and it is unlikely that they will meet their mates again. It is said that the fire-resistant scales of the Red Dragons can be used to forge armor and that their horns can be powdered as part of an ingredient for a life-prolonging elixir.

The Red Dragon that is found in Vasalkar Lair is actually called Vasalkar. A later midweek release at Vasalkar Lair revealed that Vasalkar had a mate in the form of the Onyx Lava Dragon.

During the Darkovia part of the 13 Lords of Chaos storyline, Chaos Wolfwing's Werepyres managed to obtain a Red Dragon which Wolfwing bites on the Mystic Wolf Moon transforming it into the Dracowerepyre.

When it came to Maloth's contest on who would win the Dragon Crown, the Red Dragons dispatched Torgat to represent them.



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