Raskar is a character in AdventureQuest Worlds.


Raskar is a Werepyre who is in love with Queen Safiria's attendant Jinella. In order for the two of them to be together, Raskar used a spell to trap Lore into an eternal night.

The Lumina Votari and the Nocturan Creed enlisted the players to help set things right. They track Raskar and Jinella to the Darkovia Forest where the players learned of their plight and their love for each other. Upon the players defeating Raskar, they allowed him and Jinella to flee to another part of Lore in order to be alone. The players covered up their disappearance by telling the Werepyres that Raskar died in battle and telling Queen Safiria that Jinella turned to ash in the sun.


  • Location: Dark Sun
  • Level: 20
  • HP: 4,119
  • MP: 100



  • Raskar is a recolored version of Werepyre
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