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Queen of Monsters

The Queen of Monsters (also known as the Mother of All Monsters) is Drakath's master and the true antagonist of AdventureQuest Worlds.


According to the Design Notes, there was a part in the Book of Lore that talked about how the Queen of Monsters was sealed away by 13 Heroes of Balance using the Elemental Orbs and their dragon allies sometime before Galanoth slew The Eternal Dragon of Time.

It was stated that the Heroes of Balance had fought the Queen of Monsters and her children Kolyaban the Reshaper, Extriki the Destroyer, Grou'luu the Calcifier, Sa-Laatan the Salt Sower, and Horothotep the Devourer when getting the Elemental Orbs.

The activation of all 13 runes via the 13 Lords of Chaos' summonings of all 13 Chaos Beasts may result in the resurrection of the Mother of All Monsters.

She is mentioned 3 times in:

  • The Doomwood Saga Pt. 3 - She was the mysterious voice that spoke to Drakath about tampering with limes and if the players are aware of their powers.
  • The Span Saga - It is mentioned that the Mother of All Monsters and Drakath do not exist in the original timeline.
  • The Thunderforge Saga - While in Thunderforge, the players learn that the Mother of All Monsters used to be a human. It is mentioned at the end of Thunderforge Saga that Drakath was made into an avatar and champion of pure chaos by her and that she is his master. The Mother of All Monsters also left cure to chaos called Tears of the Mother which can cure chaos. This was used by Maximilian Lionfang on Drakath, but did not work because Drakath was made an avatar chaos already. The Tears of the Mother turned into vapor on top of Thunderforge Mountains and then turned into rain which rendered anything that was Chaorrupted to be cured and rendered immune to future Chaorruption.

After being freed by Drakath, the Queen of Monsters decides that she no longer has any need for him and strips him of his Chaos power since he has served his purpose. Following Drakath's defeat in the Chaos Realm, the Queen of Monsters appears on Lore where her appearance ends up warping the landscapes of all of Lore. She then makes her plans to raise the Elemental Titans from across the shattered continent of Drakonus.

The Queen of Monsters watches the invasion of the Frostspawn Army led by Karok the Fallen (the brother of Kezeroth) who has come from Glacera. She creates The Queen's Gift to serve Karok. After The Queen's Gift was slain by the players, the Queen of Monsters interrogates a Frost Invader to know about Karok's past. After Karok was defeated, the Queen of Monsters was able to save him. The Queen of Monsters is pleased with Karok's powers and offers an allegiance to him with the Queen of Monsters feeding off of the fear of Lore's inhabitants and Karok ruling Lore upon the Frostspawn Army being regathered. Karok agrees to the terms....for now.

The Queen of Monsters then visits the Pyromancer Tyndarius in his dreams where she gives him the knowledge to form the Firestorm Onslaught. The players work with Kyron to fight against Tyndarius' army. His abilities enabled him to awaken the Fire Titan Phedra from underground by sacrificing several Embersea residents. After the Phedra was defeated but not destroyed, Tyndarius was defeated and withdrawn by the Queen of Monsters.

The Queen of Monsters sent her servant Chamat to Deadmoor to control the ghost of Mallora. After she turned into Banshee Mallora, she killed Chamat.

The Queen of Monsters sent her servant Drayko to the Living Dungeon to free Dakka the Dire Dragon from it's imprisonment. The players were able to control one of the Tree Titans to stop Dakka and resume the curse, but Drayko escapes.

The essence of the Queen of Monsters tried to extinguish Lore's sun. With help from Warlic, the players were able to trap the Queen of Monsters' essence and save the sun.

The Queen of Monsters later resurrects Chamat in order to open a portal to the Infernal Realm so that it's creatures can invade the Celestial Realm.

The Queen of Monsters and her minion Faust later manipulate the Shadow Council into creating Vaxen who ends up destroying the Shadow Council as the Queen of Monsters convinces him to invading Lore. After Vaxen retreats following the defeat of the Vaxen Clone, Faust tells the Queen of Monsters that the research done by the Shadow Council is now in their possession as well as the information about the location of a certain prison.

The Queen of Monsters obtains control of the Brightoak warrior Nevanna after she was captured by the Queen's Hunter and his minions. She even gets Nevanna to awaken the Earth Titan Gaiazor from the heart of the World Tree. After Nevanna is purified and Gaiazor is used by her to prevent the Queen of Monsters from harming other lands, a minion of the Queen of Monsters tells her that they are ready to awaken the Darkness Titan. The Queen of Monsters declines that plan due to Nevanna being freed from her control and that the players would expect them to awaken the Darkness Titan. Instead, the Queen of Monsters tells her minion that they will take "another path."

Karok the Fallen grows tired of waiting for the Queen of Monsters to call for his services. He plans to obtain the powers of the next Champion of Ice for himself and find that person before the Queen of Monsters does. He starts by heading to Cryostorm Island....which the Queen of Monsters has been waiting for. The Queen of Monsters withdraws Karok the Fallen where she was the one who supressed Karok the Fallen's powers during his fight. Karok the Fallen is told by the Queen of Monsters that he will defeat the players in due time when she says so. The Queen of Monsters then sends Karok the Fallen away as she contacts Laurissa (who was secretly on the Queen of Monsters' side). It is also shown three years ago that the Queen of Monsters was responsible for manipulating Quetzal up to it's death at the hands of Kezeroth. This causes her to gain an enemy in Kyanos in the Plane of Ice. Kyanos tells his daughter Glace that when the new Champion of Ice is found, he will use that Champion of Ice to get revenge on the Queen of Monsters.

The Queen of Monsters later sends her captain Goregrim to lead her army of Abyssal Mages, Fear Imps, Fear Mongers, Grimspawn Blades, Infernal Goblins, and Nightmare Stalker to attack Northpoint on New Year's Eve. The players work with Brentan, Gravelyn, and Khaollator to fight Goregrim the Hunter's army. When the players defeat Goregrim, he retreats as the Queen of Monsters tries to get one of her Fear Mongers to entice the players, Brentan, Gravelyn, and Khaollator to her side. The Fear Monger and the rest of the monsters leave Northpointe....for now.

When a Rift into the Plane of Monsters opens in the Neverglades, Extriki emerges to poison all of Lore. The defeated toxic monster Zognax tells the players that Extriki is one of the Queen of Monsters earlier children and is making Lore toxic so that Extriki and those that came from the Rift can survive. After Extriki is weakened by a weaponized version of the Heart of the Grove and slain by the players, the Queen of Monsters' anguished cries were heard all over Lore.

Following Extriki's death, the Queen of Monsters' oldest daughter Kolyaban appeared where she is known to the Darkblood as the first Darkblood and their Goddess who has the ability to reshape anyone and anything. Following Kolyaban's defeat, the Queen of Monsters had Kolyaban return to the spire so that she can be broken, repaired, and made better.

When Robina and Brentan prepare to storm the Queen of Monsters' lair, the players make their way towards her castle. Upon arrival, they run into a new enemy named Malgor. Despite the players' efforts, Malgor is now on the Queen of Monsters' throne as he holds up her head claiming that the players killed her. Malgor even stated that the Queen of Monsters is not his queen.

During a research in a cave to see if the Queen of Monsters was killed by the players, a blurry memory of this partially confirmed this.