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Queen Scarletta Tyral is a character in AdventureQuest Worlds.


Queen Scarletta Tyral is a sorceress who was Queen of the Mirror Realm for 979 years and has lived in the Tower of Mirrors which is what later became Bludrut Keep. She is also a leading expert on all ancient artifacts and enchanted objects. As she was the most beautiful queen in the world at the time, heroes would do anything to rescue her, kings fought wars over her, and knights betray their kings to her. Upon seeing her beauty starting to fade away, Scarletta contacted an Unseelie Fae known as the Glassbinder who would give Scarletta power over glass and mirrors in exchange for a tribute of youths that will be trapped in the mirrors. This also made Scarletta's eyes mirror-like. Scarletta's cursed artifact is the Sanguine Garnet which allows the user to permanently store memories and steal the beauty of the young.

Scarletta was among the villains that were assembled at the Mysterious Dungeon by the Mysterious Figure alongside Vaden, Xeven/Xeight, Ziri, Warlord Pax, and Sekt. The players first made contact with Scarletta when they repaired the Minotaur's Mirror where she spoke to them through the mirror telling them to go to the correct side of the mirror and say her name three times. After going through the maze upon fighting their way past the Gargoyles, Hedge Goblins, Knight's Reflections, Minotaurs, Mirrored Shards, Shattered Knight, Minotaur Prime, and it's zombie form Resurrected Minotaur Prime, the players make their way to the Tower of Mirrors and allowed themselves to fall into Scarletta's trap.

It was revealed that Scarletta had trapped over 9,000 young people in her mirrors where they don't know that they are imprisoned. The players had to fight their way passed the Fervent Suitors, Glassgoyles, Glass Serpents, Pageant Moms, Phans, Runway Wraiths, Sasquatch, Silver Elementals, Stage Techs, and Mirror Knights Atticus the Warped, Leofire the Shattered, Lothahnos the Reversed, Lukcrisio the Buffed, and Medeskar the Smudged while rescuing some of the prisoners. When they confront Scarletta where she started retrapping some of her victims, the players had her prisoner Melodia sing loud enough to shatter all 9,000 mirrors which freed the prisoners and broke Scarletta's mirror-like eyes. As a side effect of the deal, Scarletta's curse activates where she transforms into the Groglurk and attacks the players. The players defeated Scarletta's Groglurk form where she slithered away into the ruins of the Tower of Mirrors.

When the players defeated Dr. Dryden Darkwood, they assumed his robes, passed themselves off as him, and heard the stories of the other villains before revealing themselves to the villains. Scarletta's Groglurk form was the final villain that the player had to defeat in order to get the villains to hear him out. Once the villains were defeated and given back their respectful artifacts, the players state that they need them to help him out in order to face a more dangerous evil that threatens Lore. On Scarletta's part, she regained her human form.


Level 20

  • Location: Mysterious Dungeon
  • Level: 20
  • HP: 22,536
  • MP: 100

Level 50

  • Location: Tower of Mirrors
  • Level: 50
  • HP: 94,569
  • MP: 100

Level 65

  • Location: Mysterious Dungeon B
  • Level: 65
  • HP: 88,427
  • MP: 100


  • Glass Panther Pet
  • Groglurk Knight
  • Groglurk Knight Cape
  • Groglurk Sword Reverse
  • Horned Groglurk Helm
  • Scarlet Sorceress (Armor) (2)
  • Scarlet Sorceress (Class) (2)
  • Spiked Groglurk Helm
  • Stark Groglurk Sword
  • Treasure Chest