On July 11, 2009, come to dwakel-4321 at 11:00AM for a party. The host(which is me) could be late and if I am, after 5 minutes, do your own thing. Here are the dress code Helm: Mage's hood(colored blue) Armor:Peasant Rags Weapon:Ugly Stick Cape:No cape This party is only for... EVERYONE!!!!The costliest thing here is the hood which costs a mere 5000gold. So anyone wanna go, GO! Spread the word. The date is on a Saturday. We will /dance and /dance2 some more.We will defeat monsters of all size. So make sure to be there on Saturday. And if you forget to get the required items, don't worry. We'll wait for you so you can buy it. Note: my character's name is not incineratedhawk. I just saw that name and thought it was cool. If you see incineratedhawk there, it isn't me.

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