Paladin Quest Chain

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This is the page that covers the Paladin quest chain which you can start by speaking to Artix after reaching rank 10 with the Warrior/Warlord and Healer/Acolyte armors.

Note: Before you start, it is important to know that you must finish the Werewolf Prequests in order to reach the area needed to aquire the quest item for the last part.

Part 1 - Undead slaying!

  • Description:

"If there's one thing all Paladins must be good at, it is slaying the undead! Go to the Graveyard and turn the enemies you find there into nothing more than piles of bones."

  • Items required: Graveyard token x20
  • Rewards: 200 xp, 200 gold
  • Huh?

Go to the Cemetery and kill Skeletal Viking for graveyard tokens.

Part 2 - Evil must be stopped!

  • Description:

"One of the Paladin's most serious mission is to protect the innocent from evil. Journey to Marsh and face the perils of evil there."

  • Items required: Marsh lurker eye x2
  • Rewards: 200 xp, 200 gold
  • Huh?

Travel to the Marsh and kill Marsh Lurkers for their eyes.

Part 3 - I Heal Good!

*Important!: In order to reach the areas needed in this quest you need to complete a series of prequest.

  • Description:

"Paladins must utilize the magical power of healing in much the same way as Healers themselves do. Search for a Werewolf and bring back his Regenerativ Aura to help us learn more about healing!"

  • Items required: Regenerativ Aura x1
  • Huh?

Travel to Willow Creek and kill the Werewolf.

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