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*Letter -Quest Item- for <u>[[Rolith]]</u>'s (Noobshire) "Letter Interception" Quest.
*[[Orc Letter]] a Quest Item for <u>[[Rolith]]</u>'s (Noobshire) "Letter Interception" Quest.
*Orc Morph Helm -Rare-
*Orc Morph Helm -Rare-
*Piece of cloth -Quest Item- for <u>[[Rolith]]</u>'s (Tutorials) "Training Exercise" Quest.
** [[Piece of Cloth]] a Quest Item for <u>[[Rolith]]</u>'s (Tutorials) "Training Exercise" Quest.

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Location: Noobshire

Level: 1

HP: 350

MP: 30

Gold: 33


  • Orc Letter a Quest Item for Rolith's (Noobshire) "Letter Interception" Quest.
  • Orc Morph Helm -Rare-
    • Piece of Cloth a Quest Item for Rolith's (Tutorials) "Training Exercise" Quest.