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Oishii is a character in AdventureQuest Worlds.


Oishii is a Troll chef from Bloodtusk Ravine. She often appears at the Harvest Festivals.


  • Name: Cornycopia
Quest: Let's save the Harvest Feast with the power of cooking! First we need to know what ingredients we have to work with. Scout out the entire Cornycopia and bring me back a list
Quest Location: Cornycopia
Items Required: Ingredients List (1)
Item Location: Bag on the ground inside the Cornycopia
Rewards: 1 Gold, 1 Exp
  • Name: Cooking Trauma
Quest: Hurray! Now, it is time for you to learn how to cook. Let's start with something easy. Can you boil water? Grab that bucket of water over there and throw it in the oven.
Quest Location: Cornycopia
Items Required: Unboiled Water (1)
Item Location: Cooking bucket of water from Tree stump in first room of Cornycopia
Rewards: 1 Gold, 1 Exp
  • Name: The Corn has Ears
Quest: Shhhh... be vewy vewy quiet... even the Corn has ears! Defeat 8 Corn Stalkers and cook their ears into some awesome sounding "PopRock Corn!" Rock on!
Quest Location: Cornycopia
Items Required: Pop Rock Corn (1)
Item Location: Cooking 8 Corn Stalker Ears
Rewards: 150 Gold, 150 Exp
  • Name: An Apple a Day
Quest: An apple a day is supposed to be good for you - but this one's all wormy! Ewwww!

Get 5 worms, and cook them into Oishii's special Wormcestershire sauce!

Quest Location: Cornycopia
Items Required: Wormcestershire sauce (1)
Item Location: Cooking 5 worms from Bad Apples
Rewards: 200 Gold, 200 Exp
  • Name: Whine n' Cheese
Quest: I hate it when grapes go bad... all they do is whine!

Get 8 whines out of these grapes, and take it back to Oishii. She'll teach you how to make a beautiful whine and cheese plate!

Quest Location: Cornycopia
Items Required: Cheese n' Whine (1)
Item Location: Cooking 8 Whines from In-Grapes
Rewards:' 250 Gold, 250 Exp
  • Name: Fruit of the Loot
Quest: Oh no! The stove is missing a bolt, so it won't work! Without that, we'll never get the Harvest feast ready in time! I know there is a door with LOTS of bolts insides... and it will give one a prize if you beat the slot machines! Gather seeds from the rotten fruit, and get a bolt from that door! The Harvest feast depends on you!
Quest Location: Cornycopia
Items Required: Oven Bolt (1)
Item Location: Steamwork Door inside Cornycopia
Rewards: 100 Gold, 100 Exp
  • Name: The Turdraken
Quest: Defeat the Turkdraken, and save the Harvest Feast!
  • Take the Turdraken Giblets to Oishii and get ready to Party!
Quest Location: Cornycopia
Items Required: Turdraken Giblets (1)
Item Location: Turkdraken
Rewards: 500 Gold, 500 Exp


Note: that the harvest shop is EXACTLY like the Seasonal Shop.

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