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Nythera is a character in AdventureQuest Worlds.



Nythera is a purple-clothed mage who is Warlic's apprentice and is also part dragon. She is the daughter of Balaur and Evren.

Nythera first appeared to help the players and Adak Amaroq fight Queen Aisha when she attacks Guwio Village with her army of Snow Golems and Frostwyrm Riders. When the players defeated Aisha's Drake, Nythera arrives holding a Chaos Gemerald. When Queen Aisha transforms into her dragon form, Nythera shatters the Chaos Gemerald in order to transform into her dragon form where both their attacks collided sending the players flying out of Queen Aisha's lair. When the players find Nythera outside the lair, she tells them to return to Guwio Village and help in the rebuilding. After the players leave, Nythera starts to see signs of Chaorruption as she is approached by Xing and Xang.

The players are called to Guwio Village by Adak Amaroq when Nythera has gone missing. The players learn that Nythera has fled into the Northlands Forest. Using a C.P.S. (short for Chaos Positioning System) that was forged by George Forgeman, the players are able to find Nythera and try to stop her from becoming fully consumed by Chaos. Nythera manages to break one of the Chaos Gemeralds assuming her dragon form. The players try to convince her to break away from Chaos and remind her of what a terrible, horrible thing Chaos is and the fact that it saps them of all of their sanity, never to allow them any hope of returning to their normal existence again, but Nythera refuses to listen to them. She declares that she will build a new world compromised of nothing but Chaos where everyone can unleash their true chaotic potential, and escapes to The Void to realize said dream, and scatters many Void Splinters all across the forest as she does so, which would later be used to open a portal to the Void itself. The players follow Nythera into the Void where she is in a meeting with the Void Dragon. The Void Dragon asks if Nythera is ready to fulfill her destiny and Nythera agrees. The Void Dragon is plotting to have Nythera make her ultimate sacrifice to make him into the greatest dragon in both the Void and Lore itself by killing her. Feeling that teaming up with her would only make him weaker because he believed she was a weak link (she sacrificed everything to Chaos but he thought she still wasn't strong enough), the Void Dragon tries to kill Nythera, but the players step in and save her by blocking his attack. Believing the players should fulfill their destiny alongside Nythera's, the Void Dragon fights to destroy them only to be destroyed by them breaking Chaos' hold on Nythera. The players then remind Nythera can't be influenced by others if she doesn't allow it and that it is never too late to change her path if she doesn't allow others to tell her otherwise. The players remind Nythera that they had the choice to side with good or evil just like she had the choice to side with Chaos, and that the fact that she could take matters into her own hands/claws and do whatever she felt was right is indeed her destiny. Thanking them for being heroes in more ways than one since she never thought of it like that, she afterwards gives them a lift out of the Void and back to Guwio Village where she can help rebuild the village and go back to her old sourpuss self again.

Nythera is then scheduled to be wed to the half-dragon elf Ryuuji. Nythera ends up challenging Ryuuji to different challenges with the players as her representative and Artix as Ryuuji's representative. When it came to the final challenge, she has Ryuuji take on the Void Giant she awakened which turns out to be a mistake. The players fight the Void Giant while Ryuuji and Nythera perfect a spell to banish the Void Giant away from the Void Temple. When Nythera states that she can only turn into a dragon by using a Chaos Gemerald, Ryuuji doesn't want that to happen and ends up unleashing Nythera's dragon form as he also assumes his dragon form. Together, Nythera and Ryuuji use the banishment spell on the Void Giant. Afterwards, Nythera accepts Ryuuji's hand in marriage as the wedding presided over by Elucidas begins.


  • Location: Northlands Forest
  • Level: 30
  • HP: 14,192
  • MP: 100


  • Serrated Chaos Edge
  • Shard of Chaos
  • Tannenbaum Trimmings
  • Treasure Chest
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