The Naga Baas

The Naga Baas is the ninth Beast of chaos .


The Naga Baas was created from a random Serpentress by Krellenos (who kidnapped it while Chaorrupting the heart of the Ancient Temple ruins) using Un-Chaorrupted Arashtite ore. The Baas was, according to Krellenos, to help him decide how the residents of Lore should live or die. Naturally, the Naga Baas was defeated by the players not long afterwards.


NOTE: She can petrify you every few seconds plus she can also charge powerful attacks.



  • The Naga Baas resembles an undead version of a Gorgon (namely the variation that had a snake tail instead of legs).
  • Her name is originally Gruaige Baas but was changed into Naga Baas.
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