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NameStatusLvLocationAttacksHPMPQuest DropsNormal DropsExpGold
Box GuardianFree5Boxes33-39250030N/ABox Guardian BladeN/AN/A
Kittarian Mouse EaterFree1NoobshireN/A35030Piece of ClothStirring SpoonN/AN/A
Kittarian Mouse FlayerFree1NoobshireN/A60030Piece of ClothPitchforkN/AN/A
Orc NoobFree1NoobshireN/A60030Orc Letter,Piece of ClothOrc Head Morph(Rare)N/AN/A
Orc WarriorFree1Orc TownN/A90030N/AOrc Grunt AxeN/AN/A
RattlebonesFree4Bludrut KeepN/A70030Rock Essence (for Earth Thief Ghost and Thok)Deadhead MalletDesignN/AN/A
Shadow CreeperFree7Bludrut KeepN/A150030Fire Essence (for Fire Thief Ghost and Metrea)Shadow Creeper EnchantHelmetDesign, Shadow Creeper's CurseHelmeN/AN/A
SlimeFree1SwordhavenN/A55030Slime Goo (for Juvania), Yummy Slime Sauce (for Owner of Pizza Castle)Shadow Creeper EnchantHelmetDesign, Shadow Creeper's CurseHelmetDesignSlimy StaffDesignN/AN/A
SneevilFree2BoxesN/A60030Missing Boxes QuestStraight Edge(Dagger) DesignN/AN/A



NameStatusLevelLocationAttacksHPMPQuest DropsNormal DropsExpGold
Bad AppleRare?Cornycopia,Turdraken (Area)37-4450030Applesauce,WormsN/AN/AN/A
Rainbow RatRare8Rainbow37-4350030Woodland Faeries Quest ItemsN/AN/AN/A
Undead PirateRare8Live/Voltaire15-25100030Cursed Doubloon Quest Items for VoltaireN/AN/AN/A


This is just a concept right now but I plan to add to this along with making a Weapons Table if i have enough spare time


Feel free to leave comments on if you think this is a cool idea or not - AgeOfArmorWiki

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