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The Mirror Realm is an alternate reality in AdventureQuest Worlds.


In the multiverse, the Mirror Realm contains an alternate version of Lore where everything is the opposite.

Paul and Storm brought the players to the Mirror Realm to help the Mirror Realm's Drakath destroy the forces of King Alteon the Imbalanced.

Difference between Lore and the Mirror Realm

There are a lot of differences in the Mirror Realm that make it different from the player's version of Lore:

  • King Alteon is a villain and called King Alteon the Imbalanced.
  • Gravelyn is a hero and called Gravelyn the Good.
  • Sepulchure was a hero and a Doomlight who sacrificed himself to save Drakath from King Alteon the Imbalanced.
  • Drakath is a hero called Mirror Drakath who is the Champion of Order.
  • The 13 Lords of Chaos are heroes called the 13 Lords of Order.
  • Artix is a Doom Paladin called Undead Artix.
  • Alina is a short-tempered blonde poisonmaker who runs a Pit Stop.
  • Aria is a butcher who owns a butcher shop that is going out of business.
  • Augold is a beggar in rags who runs a Thrift Shop.
  • Barbary is a long-haired barber who runs Hair Salon.
  • Beleen has a title called "She Who Strikes from the Shadows."
  • Cleric Joy is a Shadow Cleric.
  • Elise is garbed in dark armor but still runs a Guild Hall.
  • Maya is a female Horc who runs a Gamatorium filled with video games.
  • Ragnar is colored differently.
  • Warlic is a laid-back, dim-witted and silly scientist.
  • Cysero is a serious mage and weapon breaker.
  • Galanoth is an evil Dragon.
  • Zorbak is a cleric.
  • Twilly is a necromancer named Twilly the Rotten.
  • J6 is known as 9J, the worst lawkeeper in the galaxy.
  • Safiria is a werewolf called Lycan Queen Safiria who rules over the werewolf faction of Darkovia (the Mirror Realm version of Lightovia).
  • Constantin is a vampire who rules over the vampire faction of Darkovia. His Crown of Blood was taken from him in combat by Safiria.
  • Xan is a sane Cryomancer named Nax.
  • Nulgath is an archangel named Archangel Nulgath who was sucked into an alternate dimension as his sacrifice while sealing a rift that threatened to save the Mirror Realm.
  • Dage the Evil is a hero named Dage the Good who has become the undisputed champion of all things good and noble in the Mirror Realm. Unlike Dage the Good, Dage the Evil specializes in freeing the souls of the undead and did not rebel against Nulgath.
  • Kezeroth was known as the "World Saver" and threw himself into a volcano to prevent Lore from being destroyed.
  • Yulgar is an "InnDestroyer" named Commander Yulgar who is one of King Alteon the Imbalanced's minions.
  • Brentan is an evil archmage called Archmage Brentan who is one of King Alteon the Imbalanced's minions.
  • Drakonnan is a Cryomancer called Frigid Drakonnan who is one of King Alteon the Imbalanced's minions.
  • Revontheus is a servant of Dage the Good called Revontheus the Good.
  • Princess Tara is actually controlled by a dragon.
  • Twig is known as Granola Twig.
  • Moglins are Evil Moglins that want to hurt heroes instead of healing them.
  • Battleon is known as Battleoff.
  • Darkovia is known as Lightovia.
  • The Farm is a chaorrupted farm owned by the Nugget Man.
  • Swordhaven is a kingdom of darkness and evil known as Skullcrusher.
  • Shadowfall is a fortress of light and goodness known as Brightfall (in the 10/10/10 birthday event, Drakath called it Shadowhaven). It is on the back of a large living dragon.
  • FrostDeep Dungeon is known as FlameHigh Dungeon.
  • The Underworld is a place of light and goodness known as the Overworld.
  • The Sword of Hope is called the Sword of Despair and is used to save Kezeroth and help his plans to save Lore.
  • The Shadowscythe is a group of heroes of light and goodness known as the Lightscythe.
  • The SkyGuard is an evil ground-dwelling fighting force known as the GroundForce that serves King Alteon the Imbalanced.
  • The Undead Legion is a group of heroes of light and goodness known as the Legion of Light, which focuses on freeing the enslaved souls of the undead.
  • Dragonslayers are Dragontamers.
  • Paladin Highlords are Painadin Overlords.
  • DoomKnights and DoomKnight Overlords are Doomlights and Doomlight Highlords.
  • Love Weavers are Hate Weavers.
  • Death Dealers are Life Takers.
  • Dark Witches are Light Witches.
  • Saviors of Lore are Dooms of Lore.
  • Nulgath Larvae are Clerics of Nulgath.
  • The Blade of Awe has two versions: one called the Blade of Awe-ful and the other called the Blade of Meh.