Mirror Drakath, Champion of Chaos
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Mirror Drakath's appearance during the events of "Mirror Realm Saga"




Champion of Chaos


King Slugwrath, Unnamed father (Deceased)







Mirror Drakath, the Champion of Chaos, is the Mirror Realm version of the Champion of Order Chaos Drakath. As the leader of the Thirteen Lords of Order, he defends the realm from the forces of the evil King Alteon alongside the forces of Gravelyn the Good of Brightfall after Imbalanced King Alteon killed his father, the Good King Slugwrath.


Mirror Drakath is the Champion of Chaos who stands for everything chaorupted and evil. His father was the evil Imbalanced King Slugwrath who was the evil Mirror Realm counterpart of the good King Slugwrath in Battleon's reality.

The good King Alteon the Imbalanced seized the throne from the evil King Slugwrath when Mirror Drakath was a boy, and ever since then he and his friends, the Lords of Chaos, had been fighting to enslave the land from his rule. When good Alteon the Imbalanced kidnapped and imprisoned the Lords of Chaos, he sent the inter-dimensional bards Paul & Storm to find a hero that could help combat King Alteon the Imbalanced's army.

When the players alongside Mirror Drakath and Gravelyn the Good find a strange dragon egg in a nearby monolith in Brightfall, Xing and Xang end up stealing it. They give it to King Alteon the Imbalanced and after he tries to destroy it takes it back. Xing is replaced with Mirror Xing after Mirror Drakath swaps them. Xang ends up throwing the celestial dragon egg through a chaos rift to Drakath. Drakath makes a deal with Mirror Drakath trading the egg to the Mirror Realm for his evil Xing and Xang back. Xing and Xang worry that they have failed him, but Drakath says thing are going perfectly. He then proceeds to say that he will make Xing and Xang true Chaos Lords and that it is time to unlock their chaos beast.

With help from the ghost of Bardolph, the players and Mirror Drakath work on a trap to catch Xing and Xang with respectful Xangs switched back which later resulted in Xiang.

To combate Drakath and his Chaos Amulet, Malgor makes a plan to steal the Order Amulet from Mirror Drakath upon invading the Mirror Realm. He does this by claiming to Gravelyn the Good that he is fighting for peace. When she is defeated, Xing and the Horc Ogvar begin the second attack on the Mirror Realm with Xing sending her Mirror Realm counterpart to her world. The second attack had to go quick because Ogvar killed his Mirror Realm counterpart. When the players defeated the Blight which killed Ogvar and sent Xing retreating. After talking Gravelyn the Good out of falling for Malgor's lies and being in talks with Archmage Brentan, Mirror Drakath states that he is now forming the Mirror Realm's version of the Alliance starting with getting the 13 Lords of Order back together.

Tired of being Malgor's minion, Xing states to the players, Mirror Drakath, Archmage Brentan, and Gravelyn the Good that Malgor is coming to the Mirror Realm with his army. She wants to work with them so that she can get back on Drakath's good side. Upon the players bring the 13 Lords of Order from the past to help Mirror Drakath fight Malgor's army and the players defeating the Shadowflame Dragon that Malgor summoned, Archmage Brentan finishes the spell and ejects the players, Xing, and Malgor's army from the Mirror Realm.



  • The Chaos version of Mirror Drakath.
  • Wears the Chaos Drakath Armor and also seems to wear a purple version of the Doom Cloak.
  • It is hinted that both he and his Mirror counterpart have some special power that we have yet to see, although he would not elaborate what this power is.
  • Purple/Black is sometimes a color close to White in contrast with Drakath's Silver which can sometimes be close to Platinum in some media and culture.
  • His powers are even shown to be Purple.
  • Mirror Drakath once used to have a voice in some older cutscenes in Mirror Realm Saga
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